Vancouver , Washington
October 17, 2017

Position Purpose :

Working at the world's fourth largest retailer mixes the best of many worlds: cutting-edge technologies applied to business problems, solving real needs for customers who spend billions of dollars across our stores in North America. QuoteCenter is an application Home Depot store associates use to build large product orders for our Pro customers.

What is it like to work at The Home Depot QuoteCenter?

The mission of the QuoteCenter product team is to radically reimagine the shopping experience at Home Depot utilizing the latest software technologies. QuoteCenter was a startup once upon a time and much of our startup culture still exists: the agility of a small operation and the impact that comes with being a leader in our industry. We build cutting-edge applications that facilitate 9-figure project sales at The Home Depot. We invest proactively in our people. We sponsor events where our associates teach industry professionals how to use cutting-edge technology to solve real world problems. 

 We are searching for a Manager of Finance to drive finance strategy for QuoteCenter, a high-growth software startup within The Home Depot. 

 The Manager of Finance & Strategy will serve as a financial business partner for the General Manager of QC and his/her leadership team. Responsible for strategic planning, P&L management, capital allocation and expense controls / management.  Directs and supervises activities of the Finance department.

What problem will you be solving in this role?

In this role, you will be responsible for all finance strategy supporting company growth. This role will be part of the Lead Team, lending the "finance guru" voice to strategic discussions and decisions.

50%-Strategic Business Development / Analysis: Develop a comprehensive growth strategy and OGSM plan in sync with THD’s enterprise objectives.  Directs and leads strategic projects focused on growth and strategic planning to drive QC from $1.5B to 5B over the next 4 years, requiring frequent executive communication.

25%-Financial Management: Predicts revenues and expenditures, develops forward-looking action plans and reports to business leaders on a routine basis. Evaluate and advise on the impact of long-range planning, introduction of new programs/strategies and regulatory action.

15%-Leadership: Leads, plans, coordinates work teams in an efficient manner to effectively perform a financial function and activity; utilizes metrics to track performance and manage workload. Ensures operational processes and procedures are compliant and consistent with established policies.

10%-Strategic Business Development: Provide due diligence and strategic integration support for acquisition targets

Job Responsibilities

  • Responsible for P&L related to running an organization with ~150 current FTEs (G&A, S&SO, etc.)
  • Develop a financial strategy to support rapid sales growth (multi-billion revenue trajectory)
  • Develop robust Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures for the organization 
  • Ensure individual groups are connected to the overall organization's KPIs and Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures via sub-metrics
  • Assist in managing both internal and external high pro growth opportunities (prototyping, financial modeling, etc.)
  • Assist in determining which $1B pro growth opportunities are best for the company to go after
  • Assist in initial analysis and due diligence on acquisition targets to drive pro growth
  • Partner with financial and other cross-functional business partners to integrate processes at corporate headquarters
  • Partner with General Manager to articulate business cases for company expansion through additional corporate investment
  • Assist with strategic analysis of operational structure and decisions

Typically reports to a Director level
This position has no direct reports.

Located in a comfortable indoor area. Any unpleasant conditions would be infrequent and not objectionable.
Typically requires overnight travel 5% to 20% of the time.
Must be eighteen years of age or older.
Must be legally permitted to work in the United States.

Education Required:
The knowledge, skills and abilities typically acquired through the completion of a bachelor's degree program or equivalent degree in a field of study related to the job.

Years of Relevant Work Experience: 5 years

Physical Requirements:
Most of the time is spent sitting in a comfortable position and there is frequent opportunity to move about. On rare occasions there may be a need to move or lift light articles.


  • Strong financial modeling experience
  • Experience partnering and communicating effectively with senior management executives
  • Experience working within a highly complex business environment 
  • Experience winning highly entrepreneurial stakeholders to complex strategies
  • Experience developing a network of business partners inside an organization to “get stuff done”
  • Ability to juggle multiple high priority projects while driving forward momentum on multiple initiatives
  • Ability to rally groups together and garner resources from groups that don’t directly report to them

Preferred Qualifications :


  • 8+ years relevant work experience
  • 5+ years strategy or consulting experience
  • Master’s Degree preferred
  • Experience in high growth segments or businesses
  • Proven strategy and business acumen
  • Proven ability to analyze and evaluate complex data
  • Proven executive communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to lead and manage direct and indirect groups of associates
  • Strategic contributions in a lean Agile, software product development culture
  • Clear, concise communicator (written and verbal)
  • Logical thinker
  • Conceptually adept
  • Organized
  • Balanced pragmatic and idealistic approach to problem-solving

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Competencies:

Desired Attributes

  • Excellent communicator in both verbal and written form.
  • Polished presentation skills, creating materials and presenting to various levels of management.
  • Big picture thinker able to operate effectively at 30,000 foot view, but also able to get into the details when necessary.
  • Strong story teller, is able to formulate cohesive messages with meaningful and impactful points that resonate with target audience.
  • Self-starter, requires little to no direction to be effective at role.

Target Soft Competencies:

Intellectual (target competencies)

  •  Strategic Thinker – Anticipates and prepares for future events and outcomes.
    • Develops future plans to leverage resources
    • Anticipates likely responses to different initiatives
    • Considers the potential effect of future events on current plans
    • Evaluates situations for strategic advantage
  •  Articulate – Uses language to influence others.
    • Expresses complex ideas easily and effectively
    • Uses a communication style suited to the subject and audience
    • Describes difficult tasks clearly and concisely
    • Displays fluency when using language
  •  Conceptual – Goes beyond the details and sees the big picture.
    • Goes beyond the details and sees the “big picture”
    • Understands the underlying principles in complex details
    • Develops useful frameworks from limited information
    • Recognizes patterns and relationships between seemingly unrelated items
    • Applies theoretical concepts to understand new situations

Interpersonal (target competencies)

  •  Manages stress – Performs competently under pressure.
    • Handles interruptions and changes without losing productivity
    • Completes a large number of tasks without feeling overwhelmed
    • Prioritizes work in multi-task situations and avoids burnout
    • Keeps perspective and sense of humor in tense situations
    • Maintains balance of interests and activities to relieve stress
  •  Persuasive – Influences or changes the opinions, ideas or actions of others.
    • Gains commitment from others for own ideas or goals
    • Presents ideas and proposals in a convincing manner
    • Influences the direction of a meeting, plan or project
    • Convinces others and wins support in a discussion
  •  Adaptable – Adjusts easily to new or changing circumstances.
    • Shows willingness and ability to meet required change
    • Demonstrates flexibility in rapidly changing environment
    • Modifies own behavior in response to needs of others
    • Adjusts readily to various groups or work situations
    • Shifts easily among competing tasks to meet deadlines

Motivation (target competencies)

  •  Goal-oriented – Clearly defines objectives and measurements criteria.
    • Clearly defines objectives and measurement criteria
    • Uses management by objective (MBO) to achieve results
    • Uses a systematic process to develop plans and achieve specific outcomes
    • Shows determination and commitment in reaching goals
    • Focuses on long-term objectives rather than short-term distractions
  •  Initiative – Acts proactively to achieve results.
    • Anticipates future needs and takes action
    • Acts as a catalyst; develops new ideas and persuades others
    • Does more than is expected and before being asked
    • Takes decisive action independently and is self-accountable
    • Demonstrates willingness and ability to take the first step
  •  Enterprising – Demonstrates ability to organize, manage or grow a business.
    • Overcomes organizational barriers to success
    • Develops and promotes innovative ideas to increase business
    • Demonstrates ability to expand in new directions or gain new business
    • Assumes short-term risk for potential or future reward
    • Chooses action to overcome bureaucracy

A little about us:
We recognize that military members are adept, motivated and hardworking. That’s why we made a commitment in 2012 to hire 55,000 veterans in 5 years!

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