Manager RP Operations - Clinton, IL

  • Company: Exelon
  • Location: Clinton, Illinois
  • Posted: December 10, 2016
  • Reference ID: 202757


Exelon is currently seeking a Manager RP Operations for our Clinton Station located in Clinton, IL.


Primary Purpose of the Job:

Responsible for the in-field application of policies and procedures relating to applied Radiation Protection programs.  Directly manages the Radiation Protection First Line Supervisors and Radiation Protection Decontamination Supervisor activities in their daily support of plant operations and maintenance activities.  Is responsible for assuring that the applied Radiation Protection programs maintains a strong operational focus through proper monitoring, assessments, and evaluations.  Is responsible for the knowledge and training of the applied Radiation Protection group necessary to improve station and departmental performance.
Major Accountabilities:

(Focus on Results the position is responsible to attain)
Owner of the applied Radiation Protection program.  Ensure that the applied Radiation Protection program meets the standards set forth in the guidance documents and procedures.
Participate in Business Planning, Budget and Business Performance review regarding RP and the site.  Fulfill managerial responsibilities regarding assigned staff (e.g. Employment, Development, Compensation, Performance Evaluation, etc.).  Ensure consistent and effective work force practices through assigned supervisors/functions.
Assist the Radiation Protection Technical Support Manager and Rad Engineering Manager in developing, reviewing and implementing department procedures and policies, and assuring that these documents meet all federal and company regulations.
Attend Peer meetings to assure that industry best practices and standards are being implemented effectively and uniformly across all sites.
Accountable for ensuring that department activities, priorities and resources are being managed.
Providing Critical observations and feedback to site and departmental staffing to foster continuous improvement.  Maintain a working relationship with the union and ensures that the CBA is applied consistently and fairly.

Job Scope: (Budgetary, supervisory, team/project leadership, planning, working conditions or other features of the position)

Responsible for the oversight of day-to-day operations of the Radiation Protection First Line Supervisors, Decontamination Supervisor and Radiation Protection Technicians,
Responsibility for Corrective Action Program implementation, Radiation Protection Technician Continuing Training and oversight of applied Radiation Protection area procedures and standards.
Direct supervision of the Radiation Protection First Line Supervisors and Decontamination Supervisor and proper application of MARC principles.


B.S. Degree in Health Physics (or related field) and 2 years professional work experience with radiation controls or Health Physics controls
Associate Degree in Health Physics (or related science) and 3 years related experience in radiation protection
High school diploma with ANSI 18.1 RP technician qualifications, or at least 5 years of RP-related experience in at a nuclear power facility

NRRPT Certification


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