Manager, Training & Development
Troy , Michigan
January 26, 2018
The Manager, Training & Development (MTD) is responsible for scheduling, maintaining and integrating consistent delivery of training in an agency and its detached offices, with the priority being on those in their first 24 months, whether those in our Career Development Program (CDP) or those who have transitioned to a full-time Financial Professional Associate (FPA) position. While e-Learning and self-development is utilized for both process and product training, the MTD will be the primary local support for any fundamental development, process, and product questions.

The Manager, Training & Development (MTD) balances a dual reporting relationship to the territory’s Director, Leadership Development and the agency’s Managing Director. The primary reporting relationship is to the Director, Leadership Development who ensures the MTD is adhering to and implementing the current processes and training pieces developed within the Recruiting & Professional Development department, as well as the expectations put in place for the role. The second reporting relationship is with the Managing Director. This relationship focuses on the day-to-day activities such as training and joint work appointments as well as agency success drivers (or goals) including productivity benchmarks.

Primary responsibilities and duties include:
  • Training and Development
    • Manage the licensing and certification process and completion for new professionals
    • Understand, deliver, and coach to Prudential’s Core Skills program as designed by our Professional Development department, specifically to new professionals as they learn the role and participate in the Career Development Program.
    • Demonstrate, through in-agency role-play or appointments with clients, the proficiency with Core Skills program. This includes, but is not limited to initial personal interactions, referral gathering, fact finding, and making a recommendation.
    • Implement any curriculum and training for Financial Professional Associates (FPA) in their first 24 months of full-time production
    • Organize and control the sessions and speakers on the agency’s monthly agency training calendar
    • Participate in joint field work with individuals at various points of their career (typically 0-24 months) to both demonstrate and observe the processes, and offer coaching and feedback to the professional
    • Be the point person in the agency for product and business partners who come into the agency
    • Serve as the contact person for industry study programs
  • Marketing and sales skill development
    • Understand and transfer knowledge around basic marketing fundamentals such as phoning, marketing campaigns, seminars, and our client contact management system to financial professionals, specifically those in the 0-24 month timeframe
    • Teach and reinforce marketing concepts within both broad and target markets to new professionals by running training sessions on various marketing programs and working with individuals one-on-one
    • Partner on a regular basis with the individual’s manager (Manager, Financial Services) to build, validate, and implement his/her Marketing Plan.
    • Work in partnership with the Managing Director and management team to develop and implement agency strategy and tactics revolving around marketing concepts and community target marketing
    • Serve as the contact person for marketing questions in the agency
  • Participate in Building the Agency
    • Review tools that provide insight and suggestions into marketing activities of a candidate beginning with a Candidate’s Natural Marketing Plan completed during selection process
    • Recruit through personal observation
    • Provide feedback to the Managing Director and Manager, Financial Services on a regular basis regarding financial professionals
    • Support the achievement of Agency goals for expense management, recruiting, production, profitability, and compliance. This may include working with both the Managing Director and the agency’s Director, Operations & Controls
    • Control the Agency graduation rate
  • Manages Self-Development
    • Prepare for and actively participate in all components of MTD, training programs and events
    • Create and execute an individual developmental plan to identify personal strengths and improve key developmental areas, that will be reviewed with Director, Agency Training and Managing Director
    • Participate in courses offered outside of Prudential by professional organizations for professional designations
    • Complete required Prudential and industry required learning
    • Join a professional organizations (Ex. NAIFA and GAMA)
    • Obtain a professional designation (Ex. CLU, ChFC)

Performance expectations:
  • Virtually all FPAs get Launch Bonus, a compensation offered if certain productivity marks are achieved in the first
  • 24 month retention of 70%
  • Validate quarterly marketing plans of financial professionals for first 12 months of full-time production
  • 4 Joint Sales/Field Coaching appointments per week

Effects of Errors
Failure to perform in a satisfactory manner can negatively impact the performance and retention of new sales professionals. Other effects include negative impact to the agency and company’s growth and revenue targets, and sales practices exposure.

  1. Knowledge of financial services products and markets
  2. 2-4 years of financial services experience
  3. Strong communication, facilitation, interpersonal, problem solving and team building skills
  4. Proven proficiency in relationship driven sales process and selling skills.
  5. Strong working knowledge of the marketing programs and concepts.
  6. Ability to coordinate and deliver training in various locations.
  7. Organization/time management skills
  8. Proven ability to transfer skills and knowledge with a track record of success in developing others and assessing development needs of sales professionals (0-24 months).
  9. Proficiency in technology applications including distance-learning tools.
  10. Proven leadership skills and ability to influence and partner/collaborate with others
  11. Problem-solving skills
  12. Achievement oriented with a track record of success in previous roles
  13. Active in professional and community organizations
  14. Maintain all appropriate licenses as required by the company
  15. Industry designations or currently pursuing (CLU ® , ChFC ® , LUTC, CTLC)
  16. 4-year college degree preferred.

A little about us:
Our support of the military includes providing civilian employment opportunities to transitioning service members and military spouses.

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