Medical Laboratory Technician

Performs tests and procedures in one or more areas of the clinical laboratory. Medical Lab Technicians are accountable for accurate results, the proper use of quality control materials and evaluation of those results. They must recognize the interdependency of tests and conditions that affect test results. Participate in continuing education, competency and proficiency testing. Job may include direct supervision of students at the discretion of the area supervisor. Employee must have the same licensure or have completed the same training to satisfy the requirements of the discipline of the student. Direct supervision means the primary caregiver is readily available to the student throughout the shift
Position Requirements:

  1. Licensure/Certification/Registration: Must be currently registered as a Medical Laboratory Technician by ASCP .

  2. Education: Requires Associates degree plus completion of a NAACLS approved MLT program

  3. Experience:
    1. Prefer hospital laboratory experience
    2. Performs in accordance with delineated job responsibilities and satisfactorily completes a yearly evaluation based on these responsibilities.
    3. Must possess the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively meet the needs of the patient/internal & external customer.

  1. Special qualifications:

    Degree of Supervision Required:
    Involves general guidance and direction by Medical Technologists, Supervisors and/or Department Director. The employee
    will be expected to perform job duties in accordance with established departmental and hospital policies and procedures.

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