Metadata Editor

  • Company: Adecco
  • Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Posted: February 01, 2017
  • Reference ID: 1677278859
Duties and Responsibilities:
*Inspects and enhances electronic data at various points before, during, and after the manufacturing process, following established procedural guidelines.
*Ensures the format and quality of the data meets standards by identifying and correcting anomalies such as inconsistent or missing fields, duplicated documents, and bad formatting.
*Constructs searches against archives for maintenance and redistribution.
*Selects the most efficient methods for searching, sorting, and updating data to ensure timely turnaround of feeds.
*Reports significant content problems for resolution.
*Performs ongoing maintenance to archived data based on directives from a variety of internal and external sources.

Ideal Qualifications:
*Associate's degree or equivalent combination of education and experience.
*1 year of experience performing duties requiring attention to detail.
*1 year of experience working in a networked Windows environment.
*Experience constructing database searches.
*Capacity to learn and master new technology and processes.
*Ability to review XML, XHTML and other markup.
*Ability to understand content structures and key metadata and their uses by researchers.
*Strong verbal and written communication skills.
* Strong interpersonal skills, with ability to professionally interact with a diverse blend of personalities to drive resolution, share knowledge, and maintain strong relationships.
*Capable of working independently, as part of departmental and interdepartmental teams.
*Ability to analyze, evaluate, and determine logical and effective solutions to business problems.
* Ability to prioritize work in a fast-paced environment.
*Ability to maintain focus while performing repetitive tasks.
*Adept at keying.

Ancillary Qualifications:
Qualifications listed below, while not necessarily a requirement for this position in each circumstance, provide additional depth and value to the role.
*Bachelors' degree in Library and Information Science, Liberal Arts, or Computer Science.
*Experience with HTML, XML, XHTML or other markup.
*Reading-level proficiency in a non-English Language.

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