Monitor Technician - Days, Rotating Weekends

Position Summary:
The Telemetry Monitor Technician maintains close observation of the electrocardiograph patterns of patients. The monitor technician possesses a basic knowledge of dysrhthmia interpretation and utilizes effective communication with unit personnel and interdisciplinary team members. The Monitor Technician observes and interprets cardiac telemetry tracings at a central monitoring station under the direction of a Registered Nurse. Records rhythm data at regular intervals as needed.

Employee's conduct must reflect the Company's values and a commitment to the Code of Conduct ethics and compliance program. Acts with honesty and integrity. Treats colleagues, customers, patients and families with respect, loyalty and dignity.

The Monitor Technician will perform a variety of clerical functions as needed.

1. Performs monitoring of patients who have cardiac telemetry ordered, according to hospital policies and procedures:
a. Observe monitors constantly to detect changes in cardiac rate and rhythm
b. Demonstrates basic knowledge of the effects of cardiac medications on cardiac rhythms
c. Interprets accurately cardiac rate and rhythm 90% of the time
d. Seeks assistance from the charge nurse or cardiac clinician as needed to interpret cardiac rhythms
e. Informs, in a timely manner, charge nurse and/or primary nurse of any change in rhythm and/or significant change in rate
f. Alert charge nurse, or any available RN, immediately of life threatening dysrthymias
g. Recognizes that variables such as age, race, nationality, culture, disease-causing vulnerabilities, socioeconomic factors affect the patient populations under their care. Uses interventions appropriate to these factors (e.g., interpreter, dietary preferences, social service consult, etc.)

2. Maintains a record of each patient's cardiac rate and rhythm:
a. Obtains a rhythm strip and correctly labels it with the patients name, room number, date, time, channel number, rate, and rhythm at the beginning of the shift and as any changes occur
b. Prepares rhythm strip for each patients chart within one hour of shift
c. An hourly log is maintained of each patient's rate and rhythm
d. Act as a resource for staff with remote telemetry patients
e. Utilizes proper leadsfor interpretation unless otherwise indicated
f. Assists in optimal lead placement when designated leads are not the most appropriate lead
g. Prepares equipment for patients
h. Clears and/or merges memory for each patient every four hours and as needed

3. Contributes to the orderly functioning of the unit:
a. Maintains floor stock par levels for telemetry patients
b. Telemetry charges are regularly and accurately entered on all telemetry patients
c. Transmitters and wires are routinely cleaned
d. Identifies equipment problems and notifies BioMed Department
e. Answers phone for the unit as needed
f. Other duties as assigned

4. Professionalism:
a. Attends 80% of staff meetings.
b. Attends 100% of mandatory meetings and inservices.
c. Participates in department QI activities
d. Promptly greets individuals entering the unit and offer assistance
e. Maintains confidentiality about hospital matters
f. Adheres to the hospital and unit policies and procedures.
g. Maintains competencies required by the hospital, unit and position.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Must be able to demonstrate understanding of HCA's and St. David's "Patients First" safety initiative by strict compliance to all safety protocols and procedures. Adheres to isolation policies and procedures. Utilizes universal precautions at all times.

Evaluate critical and potentially life threatening dysrthmias with available support of the unit supervisor and cardiac clinician. Interfaces with the public, physicians, staff, patients and administration and ancillary/support department representative. Maintains confidentiality of patients medical records. Regular and predictable attendance is required.

Education and Experience:
High School Diploma or equivalent. Completion of a dysrhythmia interpretation course with a pass rate of 85% within orientation period.
Preferred: Completion of a Basic EKG course. 1-2 years of college. Computer skills. Previous experience as a monitor technician.

Licenses and Certificates:
BLS certification

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