Multiskilled Technician-2nd shift

  • Company: Unilever
  • Posted: February 17, 2017
  • Reference ID: 170002MZ
Chief Objective of Job :
The Technician is a Preventative Maintenance and Focused Improvement specialist engaged to optimize the running and maintenance of equipment within the factory. Where breakdowns occur, the Technician will act to diagnose and troubleshoot faults and where necessary will recommend design improvements. The Technician will also be involved with setting the Maintenance Strategy for the respective areas.
The Technician is professionally competent and qualified to operate safely at a post apprentice level in at least three of the principal engineering disciplines; mechanical, electrical or instrumentation & control, and other skills. The Technician must be a mentally agile and advanced problem solver actively engaged in maintaining a safe work environment, which protects product quality and reduces waste and other environmental impact. A positive contributor to the factory’s work environment and culture and will act as a leading coach and mentor to production around the areas of mechanical engineering and World Class Manufacturing techniques.

Work Tasks and Duties : (continuation of PART II) Mechanical Skills-knowledge and application of technical skills and expertise to ensure the provision of effective engineering support within team, focused on delivering performance targets. Directly contributes to improved safety, quality, sustainability and cost
  • Preventative Maintenance Specialist and user of Condition Based Monitoring
  • Fully Operational on Mechanisms and Motion
Electrical Skills-Remove and replace major electrical components (such as motors, switch/control gear) and troubleshoot electrical circuits safely. Able to isolate machinery and re-install electrical supplies for machinery components.
  • Establish power distribution systems and electrical control circuits.
  • Install electrical drive systems and Control Loops.
Instrumentation and Control Skills
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Internal Architecture of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).
  • Amend control and software documentation
  • Manage PLC and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Networks (e.g. Program modifications, Force Devices and fault finding).
Other Skills
  • Waste Water Treatment Operations
  • Hazmat Technician & First Aid response
  • Ammonia Refrigeration, Air Compression, CIP, & Boiler systems
Safety-Utilize all appropriate safety and environmental procedures for people, processes, materials, products & equipment to ensure a safe working environment for the whole team.
Work Place Hazards-Full knowledge of the workplace and hazards within it. Utilize appropriate safety and environmental procedures for people, processes, materials, products & equipment relevant to the task.
Environment-Reduce costs due to waste and minimize impact to health, safety and the environment through eliminating waste.
Quality-Ensure that all aspects of Quality within the area of responsibility are in accordance with local Quality procedures to protect and promote the brand and product.
Leadership-Promote the development of a highly effective team through strong communication, leading by example while keeping focused on goals and targets achieving superior performance.
Continuous Improvement-Use performance measures to identify and prioritize losses in assigned area(s). Apply rigorous Cost Deployment and the Zero Loss concept to eliminate losses.
WCM-Knowledge and understanding of the key principles of WCM and the impact this has on the Key Performance Indicators in the production area (SQOC); must understand the critical inter-relation between WCM and TPM.
Problem Solving-Has the ability to identify, prioritize and address problems using appropriate tools and techniques that eliminate recurrence.
Decision Making-Makes and implements technical decisions while considering Plant KPIs SQOC
Project Management-Achieve the desired outcomes of the project in line with agreed plans using appropriate project management tools and techniques to ensure the efficient use of technical, financial & human resources.
Business Awareness-Understanding of the needs to meet changing demands and the role of marketing and product innovation in growing the business and increasing the company’s share.

A. Knowledge, skills and abilities :
· Experience working as part of an extended team within the manufacturing sector.
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Strong coaching skills (able to give & receive constructive, peer-to-peer feedback)
  • Ability to manage 3 rd party contractors.
  • Strong networking skills (communicate with sister sites on best practices).
  • Ability to effectively resolve conflict.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Proven analytical skills.
  • Ability to lead a cross-functional team through problem solving activities.
  • Programmable Logic Controller qualifications
  • Experience of manufacturing in a Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company and World Class Manufacturing.
  • Experience as a team member within a project management team with an awareness of project management tools and techniques
B. Education :
· High school diploma/ GED required
  • Two years manufacturing, mechanical or technical experience is required
· Associates degree and/or technical certificate a plus C. Professional Qualifications :
  • Post Apprenticeship Skill level in at least 2 of the 3 relevant engineering disciplines (as graded by national standards):
  • Mechanical (shafts, sprockets, conveyors, & gearboxes)
  • Electrical (3 phase motors, sensors, electrical components, etc.)
  • Instrumentation and Control
Required to support report writing, data analysis, problem solving, mechanical calculations, leadership & coaching skills

Part IV: Work Environment
  • Varying temperatures (-20 to 110 degrees), occasional wet environment
  • Chemical use and handling
  • Occasional lifting up to 50 pounds; occasional carrying up to 20 pounds
  • Occasional pushing/pulling up to 80 pounds
  • Must be available to work overtime, extended shifts and alternate schedules
  • Required to wear company-furnished safety equipment and uniform
  • Work in loud environment above 85 decibels
  • Working on a ladder above 4 feet

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