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About Las Palmas Medical Center
Las Palmas Medical Center offers comprehensive services and special expertise in Emergency Room Medicine (Level III Trauma), Cardiology, Women's Services, Labor & Delivery, Neonatal Intensive Care, Neuroscience, Pediatric care, and Wound Care Management. Las Palmas Medical Center is also the only Kidney Transplant Center in the Region. Las Palmas Rehabilitation Hospital is a separate facility with newly renovated patient rooms, exercise equipment and cafeteria. The physicians, nurses and staff at our 325-bed facility are committed to caring for our community with compassionate, quality healthcare.

We are located on the Westside of El Paso, Texas close to the University of Texas El Paso campus. We provide exceptional patient care services to the El Paso and Fort Bliss communities, as well as Southern New Mexico and West Texas Regions.

Accountable for rounding, preparing assessment documents for any and all Physician's use to perform histories and physicals, skills, procedures, lab interpretation, order sets, and critical thinking required, in caring for ill patients, in collaboration with the supervising physician for the unit. Participates in the development of guidelines for nurse practitioners, and serves as a resource for staff members, patients, and family. Assist in continuously improving quality of care, processes and services. Works directly with physicians and staff in improving the clinical skills of nurses and raising the standard of care delivered to patients.
Core competencies will be assessed primarily on the following patient population(s) served: acute medical/ surgical care of diseases and conditions including but not limited to: cardiovascular (cardiac medical only) pulmonary, neuron, GI, GU, GYN, skeletal/muscular, renal, ortho conditions and diseases including but not limited to: AMI, CAD, PVD, DM, COPD, CHF, shock, renal failure, metabolic disorders, etc.
1. Performs focused or comprehensive initial assessments and provide assessment documents that the treating physician may use as references to perform histories and physicals in order to guide development of the medical plan of care in collaboration for all unit patients per admitting physician request.
2. NP services are to be open and available for all Physicians to utilize.
3. Performs designated diagnostic and clinical procedures as defined in an agreed upon pediatric protocol in Wound unit;
4. Documents concisely and accurately in the medical record.
5. Identifies opportunities for improvement and participates in research, development, education, communication, and implementation of system changes.
6. Monitors and evaluates the quality and appropriateness of care and practices through collaboration within the multi-disciplinary team by conducting daily assessment rounds, in addition to physician's rounds.
7. Promotes teamwork and serves a role model, consultant, delegator, educator, and resource for members of the health care team and families.

8. Evaluates and applies knowledge of age-related and socioeconomic factors in the assessment, care treatment, and education patients and their families.
9. Assists with quality data.
10. Collaborates with physicians in order to insure efficiency in patient care.
11. Promotes customer service.
12. After the Supervising physician has provided the initial order for use of the protocol which has been approved by the medical staff, NP will prescribe or administer medications, treatments or procedures per physician request and under the supervision of appointed physician.
13. Other duties as assigned.
1. Current Registered Nurse Licensure in Texas
2. Concurrent approval to practice advanced practice nursing in the State of Texas
3. Nurse Practitioner license in the state of Texas
4. Current BCLS, ACLS,

1. Completion of a Nurse Practitioner accredited school of nursing program. Advanced nursing degree desired.

1. Clinic Experience
2. Acute Care Hospital Environment Experience

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