Operations - Maintenance Tech 1 (Gatorade) C Crew /Nights

  • Company: PepsiCo
  • Location: Wytheville, Virginia
  • Posted: February 08, 2017
  • Reference ID: 5000182405110
Scope of Position

The Maintenance Technician will provide maintenance support to production focusing on safety, quality, and reduced downtime due to breakdowns and stops.

Position Accountabilities

• Know and understand how to access and work on equipment safely and efficiently.
• Perform maintenance tasks relating to preventative maintenance and breakdowns.
• Perform work as prescribed by a maintenance order.
• Perform break down analysis (BDA) on major issues using the proper problem solving techniques and proper documentation of findings.
• Complete work efficiently maintaining GMP and 5-S standards.
• Order required parts through the maintenance stockroom using proper procedures to maintain inventory accuracy.
• Support AM and PM pillars.
• Demonstrate a strong willingness to learn and grow within the maintenance group.
• Willing to work overtime as business conditions warrant.
• Perform other related duties as assigned.

Preferred Position Qualification (Not Required)

The preferred qualifications for a Maintenance Technician 1 position follow the requirements of the Maintenance Job Bid Process which include:

* Minimum of 40 hours cross training
* 1 MT Utility Skill Basic Certification
* 1 MT Basic Zone Skill Basic Certification

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