Operator 4

  • Company: Owens Corning
  • Location: Wabash, Indiana
  • Posted: October 26, 2016
  • Reference ID: 3318267
Operator 4
Job Title: #2 Line Take Off
Reports To: #2 Line Supervisor
Basic Job Function: Catch and inspect felt pieces exiting the end of the line, reject poor material and stack good
material on the stacking table.
Area of Work Responsibility: Includes take off area, stacking conveyor area, and shrinkwrap or other packaging
equipment areas.
The candidate must:
1. Be qualified to perform non-operating cleanup on #2 line.
2. Be capable of lifting pieces of felt from the line at various line speeds from 5 to 45 feet per minute.
(Approximately every five seconds).
3. Be capable of hand rolling felt and inserting rolled felt into a poly bag approximately every 10 seconds.
4. Visually inspect the pieces for flaws or other problems.
5. Reject poor quality material onto the scrap pallets.
6. Be capable of counting the correct number of pieces per stack according to the labels.
7. Be capable of stacking good material on either the stacking conveyor, pallets, or cartons as required by the
customer. Requires pivoting 180 degrees once pieces are taken from the line to stack on conveyor. Stacking
conveyor is about 30" high.
8. Check weigh individual pieces and/or packages as required to ensure product quality.
9. Be capable of stacking material to the sides of the line anytime there is a product change, equipment breakdown,
or other problem.
10. Visually recognize and report operating, process, or equipment problems to the #2 Line Supervisor or Line
11. Place correct identification label on top of stacked felt.
12. Be capable of activating a foot or hand operated switch to engage the stacking conveyor drive.
13. Know and follow Lockout Procedures for all equipment.
14. Be capable of lifting pieces ranging from 4 to 40 lbs. per person. Heavier (larger) pieces require two people.
15. Know and follow all plant safety rules to prevent injury to self and others.
16. Know and follow the STOP program.
17. Perform other duties assigned by #2 Line Supervisor or Line Operator.
Note: This Job Description in no way is intended to state or imply that the above duties are the only ones to be
performed. Some duties may be reassigned and others assigned as required. This is at the
Company's sole discretion.

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