Outbound Product Management - Oracle Public Cloud

  • Company: Oracle
  • Posted: June 24, 2016
  • Reference ID: 16000Q1B
Job Title: Public Cloud Evangelist, Infrastructure


At Oracle, we are investing billions in the talent and technology to make the next great public cloud. We are focused on bringing the power of infrastructure-as-a-service to Oracle's customers: enterprises of all sizes. Evangelists work directly with developers and IT leaders to take our vision and products to the world.

A great evangelist is a flexible and effective communicator, whether they are presenting to a CIO, whiteboarding with an architect, writing a whitepaper or providing feedback to our engineering teams. Their conversations are grounded in the technical authenticity that comes from hands-on experience working with IaaS solutions, from Oracle and others.

Every member of our team has the opportunity for tremendous growth, impact and fun. You would join a young and growing team, and could strongly influence its approach and culture. Our purview is broad, which will let you focus on the problems that interest and challenge you. We have support from Oracle's leadership going all the way up to the top, and steady access to them.

As a representative of Oracle you will have immediate access and relevance to the world's largest enterprises. Join us and learn what we can do for them.

In this role - your key accountabilities will be as follows:

  • Being the public face of Oracle's IaaS products with customers and partners
  • Engender deep trust with engineers, executives and other decision makers
  • Communicate the Oracle cloud story and present Oracle IaaS solutions in a compelling way that is customized for the challenges each customer is facing
  • Discover and define the most efficient and effective models for customer engagement and evangelism
  • Build our content and collateral to reflect our cloud investments, strategy and roadmap
  • Deep engagement with our engineering organization, to learn about our products and provide feedback from customers

To deliver on your accountabilities - we are looking for the following skills / qualifications:

  • Experience communicating about technology with IT leaders and software developers. Ability to dive deep on technology or keep it simple depending on the audience.
  • Broad business and technical knowledge about current cloud products, including how and why they are adopted.
  • Detailed understanding of IaaS technology and how it is used.
  • Comfort performing self-directed work in a chaotic and rapidly changing work environment.
  • Experience interfacing directly with product engineering teams.
  • Learning from users. Our success depends on honestly representing our solutions and making them relevant to our customers. We'll need an evangelist who can develop insight into their priorities, and forcefully advocate for them within our organization.
  • Exceptional business judgment. Our customers have complex problems, we have many solutions to offer, and we are in a ferociously complex market. Doing this job will require making constant, split-second decisions about what opportunities we pursue and how we approach them.
  • Passion for connecting users with technology.

Travel: 25-50%
Lead a team that acts as the central resource and driving force for the design, process, manufacturing, test, quality and marketing of product(s) as they move from conception to distribution. Organize interdepartmental activities ensuring completion of the project/product on schedule and within budget.

As a member of the product development division, you will analyze and integrate external customer specifications. Suggest and justify product directions and specifications. Specify, design and implement moderate changes to existing software architecture. Build new products and development tools. Build and execute unit tests and unit test plans. Review integration and regression test plans created by QA. Communicate with QA and porting engineering to discuss major changes to functionality.

Work is non-routine and very complex, involving the application of advanced technical/business skills in area of specialization. Leading contributor individually and as a team member, providing direction and mentoring to others. BS or MS degree or equivalent experience relevant to functional area. 7 years of software engineering or related experience.

Oracle is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and protected veterans status or any other characteristic protected by law.

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