Overhead Electrical Specialist/Troubleshooter/Overhead Lineworker- Various Locations in Northern Illinois


ComEd an Exelon Company, and its nearly 6,000 employees are responsible for maintaining more than 78,000 miles of power lines that make up the electric transmission and distribution system in Northern Illinois. ComEd, headquartered in Chicago, serves approximately 70 percent of Illinois' population - about 9 million people.  The service territory spans 11,400 square miles and has locations in various parts of Northern Illinois including Chicago and surrounding suburbs.


We are currently seeking journeyman linemen as Overhead Electrical Specialists/Troubleshooters.  In this position you will restore service, perform maintenance and construction work, and perform switching operations on the transmission and distribution systems.  You may be assigned to assist with training other Overhead Electricians,  as well as, assigning and coordinating work to properly safeguard employees, the public, and the property of customers and the company.  You will perform related work as assigned.  

Typical examples of the duties are:

1. Restoring service or eliminating trouble on the transmission and distribution systems, including customers equipment, involving determining the equipment at fault and making permanent or temporary repairs by performing such work as cutting conductors in the clear, replacing or repairing poles and attachments, conductors, transformers, and other devices and equipment, transferring loads to other circuits, and connecting emergency transformers and generators.

2. Performing routine maintenance work on the transmission and distribution system, involving such duties as replacing or repairing poles and attachments, transformers, and other devices and equipment, including temporary grounding, pulling slack, trimming trees, washing insulators, maintaining equipment in designated vaults and electric service stations, and assisting in identifying, testing, and phasing underground lines.

3. Performing overhead or underground residential type distribution work and such light construction work as installing or removing services and single-phase meters, installing and removing conductors, poles and attachments, transformers, street lighting fixtures, and other devices and equipment.

4. Performing switching operations, under the direction of a dispatcher, on the transmission and distribution system, including street light circuits, and at distribution centers, electric service stations, designated network centers and unattended substations, involving operating such equipment as switches, love line clamps, voltage regulators, circuit breakers, fuses, and other electrical devices.

5. Inspecting lines and equipment, distribution centers, electric service stations, and designated network centers, recording instrument readings, and reporting maintenance and repair work needed.

6. Instructing and training an Overhead Electrician assigned to assist; and preparing various reports such as hours worked, material and equipment required, work performed, and field repairs needed.



Successful completion of the

Successful completion of a technical and behavioral interview

Ability to successfully climb a 40ft utility pole

Valid CDL

Position Location:

ComEd operates in Northern Illinois with offices across the territory.

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