Pharmacy Technician (Evening Shift)

If you are a Pharmacy Technician who is registered with the state of Kansas according to the Kansas State Board of Pharmacy and CPhT Certified Nationally who is seeking a position in one of the most technologically advanced hospital pharmacies in the country, then we have the position for you!

Wesley Healthcare encompasses the most experienced and comprehensive medical services and facilities in Kansas, from Level 1 trauma coverage and a comprehensive emergency network to state-of-the-art surgery services and our new Wesley Children's Hospital. Tens of thousands of people in Kansas and northern Oklahoma choose Wesley Healthcare to meet their needs. Their preference for Wesley extends well beyond the high-quality medical services we offer. It includes the spirit of intensive caring that inspires and guides everyone who works for Wesley Healthcare.

The Pharmacy Technician assists pharmacists in expeditiously preparing and distributing medications, effectively maintaining the drug inventory, and accurately maintaining patient records. The Pharmacy technician performs their technical duties only under the supervision of a Registered Pharmacist. Pharmacy services are provided 24 hours a day/seven days a week. schedule may vary according to the needs of the medical center/department and may include weekend, shift, holiday, on-call, and additional hours.
  • Procures and distributes medication orders per physician request, pharmacist request, or prearranged work assignment according to established policies, procedures, and protocols
  • Fills physician orders, medication surgical kits, medication carts, or stock requisitions accurately
  • Replenishes medications in emergency crash carts or floor stock areas accurately
  • May have duty to prepare intravenous admixtures or other sterile products (including chemotherapy and Parenteral nutrition) accurately. Based on competency completion and video evaluation with follow up education if needed
  • Delivers medications and supplies to patient care and ancillary areas accurately
  • Sends medications and supplies to patient care areas and ancillary areas accurately using pneumatic tube system(s), and other inventory management equipment
  • Observes strict compliance with all laws, rules, and regulations with regards to medication delivery, but specifically with controlled substances, which must be handled in a manner designed to meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) instructions, and HCA Diversion Prevention policy
  • Maintains adequate stock of medications and supplies according to established policies and procedures

  • Assists in ordering, receiving, unpacking, and storing pharmaceuticals and supplies in appropriate locations, including:
    • Actively communicates low inventory status or unusually high usage to appropriate purchasing personnel
    • Places newly received/repackaged pharmaceuticals and supplies into the inventory tracking system through restock processes
    • Returns undistributed items to the inventory system through restock processes
  • Rotates stock to ensure use before expiration date, including:
    • Places longer dated items in the back or at the bottom of the bins in the pharmacy, as appropriate
    • Places longer dated items in the back or at the bottom of the pockets/cubies in the automated dispensing cabinets, as appropriate
  • Identifies and replaces outdating and unusable drugs, including:
    • Promptly removes outdating medications through the outdating processes from the automated dispensing cabinets and shelves/bin in the main pharmacy immediately prior to the expiration date printed on the label
    • Facilitates timely restocking of outdated medications through the refill processes
  • Restocks medication and IV dispensing areas, including:
    • Assesses stock levels within an inventory management system segment and submits requisition for restock
    • Properly transfers medications between the inventory management system segments using processes for removal from the source segment's inventory and appending to the receiving segment's inventory
  • Prepackages medications for dispensing, including:
    • May be required to accurately repackage bulk medications into unit dose/unit of use packages using residual packaging or automated dispensing equipment
    • Correctly generates bar code labels and affixes to individual packages as required
    • Seals and labels all repackaged medication, as needed per policy
  • Ensures that all sterile products are compounded in a sterile manner in accordance with American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) and United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) guidelines
  • Contributes to the effective operations of the department

  • Processes orders/requisitions on a variety of electronic systems including inventory management, patient information, and other order fulfillment systems while following computer security and patient confidentiality requirements per hospital policy, HIPAA regulations and other federal and state mandates:
    • Processes narcotics per policy with a signature and/or electronic documentation for transfer of accountability

    • Enters charges and credits for patient medications accurately following training guidelines, hospital ethics and compliance program, and competence validation, tracked by hospital auditing

    • Generates reports, pick lists, and labels as required

    • Restocks automated dispensing equipment following training guidelines, and competence validation

  • Picks up orders, requisitions, and medications for return from patient care areas when on delivery runs

  • Demonstrates superior communication skills, both oral and written, best demonstrated by a cordial attitude during phone and other conversations and by keeping easily understood and readable records and notes:

    • Expeditiously answers the telephone, identifying self and department

    • Routes calls to other personnel as necessary

    • Takes notes and messages when required

    • Pages, both overhead and via paging system as needed

    • Answers requests at the window and makes STAT deliveries to patient care areas when requested

  • Organizes and prioritizes work assignments demonstrated by maintaining a clean and neat work environment, timely completion of duty assignments in a carefully considered and thorough manner, and by completing tasks sorted by importance
  • Actively involved in the continuing education of all members of the health care team involved in medication preparation and distribution

  • Contributes to the professional development of peers, colleagues, and others by voluntarily providing information on topics where they have little knowledge, participate in on-the-job training of staff new to a specific environment, and encouraging growth of each individual through exploration and study

  • Actively works to improve the learning process through recommendations for improvements in the orientation, education, and training procedures

  • Maintains competence required for work assignments, participating in education opportunities, while actively pursuing signatures required for competence validation

  • Supports and promotes the organization's safety, attendance, and risk management programs by demonstrating compliance with all associated programs, projects, and requirements

  • Demonstrates adherence to safety policies and employee practices

  • Demonstrates dependability by reporting to work area by assigned shift start time

  • Demonstrates dependability by reporting to assigned work areas as evidenced with attendance records and department policy

  • Demonstrates incident reports according to hospital policy through the Hospital Notification System (HNS)

  • Performs safe handling, disposal, and may need to perform clean-up procedures for hazardous materials/Cytotoxic materials

  • Demonstrates accountability of job performance by supporting the philosophy, objectives, and goals of the department

  • Maintains a clean and safe environment for patients and co-workers:

    • Follows all general safety rules

    • Promptly notifies the appropriate person of real or potential safety hazards

Required Registration, Licensure or Certification
  • Current registration with the State of Kansas according to the Kansas State Board of Pharmacy
  • Current driver's license
  • Current Certification as a Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) within 6 months of hire date
Required Education or Experience
  • Completion of competencies associated with Pharmacy Tech position
Preferred Education or Experience

  • Completion of a formal vocational/technical training program for pharmacy technicians and/or 1 year of hospital inpatient pharmacy experience

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively
  • Knowledge of State and Federal laws, TJC, and professional practice standards

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