Pharmacy Technician - Pharmacy Advisor
Scottsdale , Arizona
April 04, 2017
The role of the Pharmacy Technician in the Pharmacy Advisor team, a specially developed, clinical program for CVS Caremark is to provide support to members and/or prescribers, and Pharmacists assisting members and/or prescribers, regarding the disease state(s) supported by the program. Through the use of sophisticated modeling and systems, we are able to identify members who meet the desired counseling opportunity criteria. Outbound calls are made (with return inbound calls likely via dialer and/or standard phone lines) directly to patients with the Pharmacy Technician helping to prepare the member for the conversation with the consulting Pharmacist. In addition, Technicians will be responsible for educating the member on the value and purpose of the program, client-related messages as well as identifying ways to help with medication ordering process and medication costs savings opportunities. Besides assisting with inbound and outbound calls, the Pharmacy Advisor Pharmacy Technician will also support requests received via fax with the potential, based on business needs, of cross-training to support other clinical services.

In addition to working very closely with members, prescribers, and Pharmacy Advisor Pharmacists, the Pharmacy Advisor Pharmacy Technician will also be required to work very closely with key CVS Caremark departments needed to properly support this program. This would include departments such as mail order filling facilities, Fast Start, Diabetic Meter Exchanges, Clinical Care Services, etc.

If you enjoy working in a highly charged, fast paced call center as well as participating in the further development and refinement of work systems, tools, processes and procedures, then Pharmacy Advisor may be just the place for you!

About Pharmacy Advisor:
Pharmacy Advisor is a specially developed, clinical program for CVS Caremark. It provides a significant opportunity for all involved to be a part of an exciting, clinical program for CVS Caremark. The Pharmacy Advisor operations team will have a direct impact on the health and outcomes for patients with chronic disease states. Pharmacists and Technicians will receive messaging at critical points in care, use enhanced computer systems and leverage behavior modification/interviewing techniques that can be instrumental in driving optimal health outcomes and to provide personalized support to our targeted members. The team will work together to demonstrate the true value that Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians can have to their patients.

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