Precision Ag Specialist & Agronomy Sales
Magnolia , Minnesota
October 05, 2017
CHS Magnolia has an exciting opportunity in our Country Operations division. We are looking for a Precision Ag Specialist to provide training on Precision Ag and manage and guide farmers and producers on their Precision Ag programs. You will also be involved with Agronomy Sales. You will promote the proper use of crop protection products, plant food, seed and other services offered at the cooperative to area producers by making on-the-farm sales presentations. You must be able to make sound decisions, have the ability to influence others and work cross functionally. You must be detail oriented with excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.

You will:
  • Consult with CHS sales force, applicators, and management to identify customers and successfully administer and grow the program.
  • Meet with farmers and producers to promote the program and document initial priorities, problems, needs, wants, and expectations.
  • Combine traditional management skills with precision farming tools (site-specific mapping techniques) to develop strategies with farmers and producers to give them the tools and information to make the best management choices for their crop production, and provide the greatest economic return.
  • Utilize GPS to locate specific field positions. Coordinate soil sampling and use GIS to create field maps based on GPS data to record and assess the impact of farm management decisions.
  • Use data sensors to monitor soil properties, crop stress, growth conditions, yields, etc. to provide instant (real-time) information that can be used to adjust or control operational inputs.
  • Organize, analyze, and manage data with the use of spreadsheets, databases, GIS, etc., in order to provide the most accurate information to farmers and producers.
  • Make recommendations to farmers and producers based on timely and accurate information including data on crop characteristics, hybrid responses, soil properties, fertility requirements, weather predictions, weed and pest populations, plant growth responses, harvest yield, post harvest processing, and marketing projections.
  • Continuously reassess the profitability of precision farming programs with farmers and producers by comparing yield monitor data to financial records for specific fields.
  • Develop and increase product knowledge of the sales force, applicators, and management through internal presentations, training, etc.
  • Coordinate sales strategies; advertising, field days, grower meetings, etc.
  • Stay current on new technologies, products, trends, and challenges in order to make informed recommendations to growers.
  • Create and recommend specific agronomy programs to targeted accounts with the goal of increasing agronomy business.
  • Spend a majority of time in the country working with farmers to earn business.
  • Utilize seed, Precision Farming technology, finance, and other marketing tools to grow market share.
  • Understand the business functions of the employee team and assists the team in improving the efficiency and profitability of the location(s) assigned.
  • Coordinate with custom applicators and tanks on the spreading, spraying, and delivery of bulk fertilizer to assure the cost effective use of equipment.
  • Establish and maintain effective public relations through customer education and the promotion of new products.
  • Ensure that federal and state regulations pertaining to chemicals and fertilizers are observed and adhered to.
  • Work with patrons in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Perform other duties as needed or assigned.
  • Work extended hour’s in-season to meet business demands.
Basic Qualifications: (required)
  • Associate’s degree in Ag Technology, Precision Ag, Agribusiness, or related program
  • 1-3 years additional Agronomy/seed experience, OR Scouting/intern experience, OR Plant worker experience, OR Agricultural background
  • Working knowledge of current industrial and farm products/practices, diagnostic and servicing procedures, and GPS/GIS software
Preferred Qualifications: (desired)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Ag Technology, Precision Ag, Agribusiness, or related program
  • Previous sales experience
  • Working knowledge of GPS technology

A little about us:
CHS is proud to offer veterans a place to grow their careers. Driven by the values of the farm families who own CHS, our employees focus on helping farmers raise healthy crops.

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