Press Operator 3

KIRK RD - Set up, adjust, operate and maintain a variety of presses including 40" Heidelberg, Komori, 64" and 81" KBA sheetfed presses.  This includes inserting packing sheets on plate cylinder to build up plate to printing height, fastening reinforcing bars to offset blankets, and installing plates and blankets on press cylinders, making adjustments to achieve pressure required for printing. Adjusts press machine parts, such as feeder and delivery mechanisms, suction grippers, guides, feed wheels, jogging devices, tapes, and cams, using hand tools. Removes and replaces worn rollers and adjusting pressure between rollers of press, using hand tools. Wash blankets and cleans ink and ink distributing rollers and ink fountains, using ink solvent and cleaning mechanism on press. Makes necessary color or register corrections and/or press adjustments prior to production run to meet and maintain the quality specifications of the work.

Requires comprehensive knowledge of offset presswork procedures and materials.  Ability to read and follow job specifications to determine press set-up materials needed to run the job successfully.  Skill to follow instructions to operate equipment safely and produce the desired product. Ability to make adjustments to feeder and feed board (e.g., ability to adjust suctions and blast, front and side guides and the timing of the head stops).  Skill in performing routine operational maintenance and minor repairs to equipment. Ability to instruct and provide guidance to junior level operator.


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