Production Planner

To maintain the primary daily tasks of the department. Ensure daily responsibilities of production batches are completed on time and accurate. Work to ensure raw concerns are communicated appropriately and timely to cross functional teams. Keep open lines of communication with the production floor.
Essential Job Functions:
¿ Handle the daily orders that arrive from Customer Service.
¿ Review daily orders and determine the batch size that needs to be created to support the order based on current inventory or size of the order.
¿ Communicate raw material shortages to the Purchasing Team.
¿ Communicate upcoming expired raw materials to the production floor to be sampled by QC.
¿ Work to develop relationships with cross function team (Customer Service & Purchasing Team.
¿ Handle Sample Requests as needed
¿ Provide back-up for Senior Planner and Manager as needed.
¿ Look for production efficiencies by combining batches or making additional batches to cover future demand. Utilize prior history and prior productions to analyze.
¿ Work to schedule productions to the floor based on capacity. Coordinate with Senior Planner as needed.
¿ Work with Senior Production Planner to understand the formula rationalization process. Work to make recommendation for revised formulations.
¿ Capable of operating independently and responding to issues as necessary

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