Production/Finishing Assistant, Grand Format (2nd Shift)

  • Company: R R Donnelley
  • Posted: August 12, 2016
  • Reference ID: 204019
Objective: To apply high quality finishing to Grand Format jobs in the most efficient manner.

Specific Accountabilities
  • Interact with the GF press schedule and ticket accordingly
  • Interact with GF clients in a professional manner
  • Produce quality finishing in the most efficient manner
  • Must be able to perform various GF finishing including cutting, RF welder, heat welder, and UV coating
  • Follow GF procedures for charging time & material
  • Perform needed maintenance to the finishing equipment
  • Finishing production areas need to be maintained in a clean and professional manner
  • Check jobs for accurate size,quantity, material, and finishing instructions before packing for shipping
  • Make sure welding is accurate per job ticket info
  • Laminate the rolls by due date of job or level of importance 
  • Discuss with Project Managers to see how client wants job packed for shipping
  • Packed out big jobs have to make sure everything inside the box is accurate per supplied distribution list
  • Ensure boxes are labeled with correct store number and job number 
  • Ensure over sized boxes have dims and weight for shipping department 
  • Pack projects for delivery and ensure quality of clients work is not compromised
  • Speck dims and weights to for large pack out projects. Communicate info to Project Mangers
  • Log in every job that is shipped everyday on computer and write it in the log book
  • Check quality and color on jobs 
  • Projects with multiple panels require QC so every panel corresponds to the next checking color and content
  • Report when projects need to reprinted,missing, or have short on quantities
  • Ensure shipping supplies are in stock at all times


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