Production Tech IIIB - Large Products

  • Company: Arconic
  • Location: Waco, Texas
  • Posted: December 20, 2017
  • Reference ID: J3T1HS76ZJ4K5Q1N503
Essential Functions:
Sets-up and operates cold heading and rolling machines to form raw material (typically carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in wire or rod shape) into fastener collars and pins. Operations performed by machine are normally packing, extruding, and rolling. Responsible for quality of parts produced and for care and maintenance of equipment.

Specific Responsibilities Include:
  • Reviews production work orders to determine type of product to be run, sequence of operations and any special requirements.
  • Reviews bill of materials to determine tooling required to run production efficiently. Secures required tooling from Tooling Readiness Center or Tool Crib.
  • Secures copy of blueprint to confirm dimensional data of parts to be produced.
  • Uses hand tools to remove parts from machines used in prior production runs.
  • Uses hand tools, clamps, lock bolts and other items to arrange cutters, quills, punches, dies and associated parts in the proper relationship to each other to produce parts as detailed on blueprints.
  • Adjusts wire drawing machine to accept raw material stock and draw wire down to dimension required to feed properly into cold header machine.
  • Adjusts feed roller, setting stroke to produce parts of the required dimensions.
  • Operates machine after set-up, producing first pieces to confirm that cold header and roller are properly set up. If needed, modifies set-up until proper product characteristics are achieved.
  • Performs further quality checks after machine is warmed up and makes final machine adjustments.
  • Performs Statistical Process Control (SPC) checks on parts at a minimum of every two hours to confirm compliance with specifications. Analyzes SPC charts to identify and correct out-of-control processes.
  • Utilizes catch pan to segregate parts currently being produced from main tub. Measures parts in catch pan to determine conformance to specifications. Segregates non-conforming product for disposition.
  • Changes raw material feedstock as needed to ensure that machine downtime is minimized.
  • Performs machine inspections and conduct preventive maintenance, which may include changing oil, greasing lubrication points and making routine adjustments to machine mechanisms.
  • Completes required paperwork and makes entries in to shop floor computer systems. Verifies accuracy of all data recorded and entered.
  • Orders and maintains an inventory of required tooling, gages and supplies to maximize machine uptime.
  • Participates in setting and achieving team and individual productivity and quality targets.
  • Seeks to continuously improve safety, quality and productivity in areas of responsibility.
  • Performs shop floor housekeeping duties to maintain a neat and orderly work area.
  • Trains other machine operators as required.
  • Ensures that all work activities are performed in accordance with established safety and environmental standards.
  • Maintains full compliance with Company policies and procedures and conducts all activities in accordance with the Arconic Guide to Business Conduct.
  • Demonstrates a knowledge of and commitment to learn manufacturing principles and techniques.
  • Performs all work activities in accordance with safety and environmental standards.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Basic Qualifications

Minimum of high school diploma or equivalent
Minimum of 3 years experience doing complex mechanical work.

Preferred Qualifications

Associate's degree in machining

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