Program Director, Campaign Management
Austin , Texas
October 20, 2017
Mission:    Leader acts as the WW demand generation leader with emphasis on our campaign planning, deployment and optimization with region and country marketing teams.  Campaign manager will serve as single point of contact for country marketing teams to establish requirements on WW design as well as pick-up of WW campaigns.  Must possess a deep understanding of cohorts and audience(s) and be able to provide ongoing optimization of the tactic mix (digital vs. events. vs. email outbound, etc).  Must have a deep knowledge of marketing automation, response lead management and how our technology will help the campaign to achieve expected results.  Digs in and understands data and provide insights and outcomes based on the data.  Activates data scientists to help increase demand and achieve faster ROI.  Understanding of and aids team in linkage of demand gen to pipeline.  Directing ongoing evolution into how we work including use of agile practices and co-creation is important.

Demand Gen Leader:  Ability to lead end-to-end project (campaign) guidance and management from top level (BU DG framework) all the way through project build, execution, testing, optimization and insights/outcomes to achieve total bus pipeline/revenue objectives, marketing objectives & ROI targets.
  • Routes to Market:  Ability to modify campaigns & mix to align to RTM strategy
  • Business Knowledge:  Understand the marketing intelligence behind the segment
  • Digital Client Experience:  Understands how to create & execute compelling end-to-end digital client experiences.  Extend / link to events.
  • Tactic Mix:  Understands how to use digital and non-digital tactics at each stage of the buyer's journey; Creates investment plan across POE
  • End to End Execution: Deep understanding of all components that lead to execution - design, deploy,  measure, optimize
  • Response & Lead Management:  Understand, define and execute end to end lead management across buyer journey.  Includes front end campaign instrumentation, use of scoring tools/logic, results/ actions with IOTs to meet marketing objectives (create & influence)
  • Marketing Automation:  Deep understanding of Unica 9.1 / marketing automation capabilities. Leverage capabilities to prepare/evolve campaign, how to glean actionable insights/outcomes from results to optimize the project for maximum return and deployment effectiveness
  • Collaborative Influence:  Ability to influence and drive diamond squad and other constituents ( sales, IOTs, CHQ) to meet objectives
Data Dog:  Love data and use analytics to constantly measure and optimize campaign performance.  Activate data scientists & analytics community to work on your behalf.  Understand & link sales & marketing data.
  • Measurement & Analytics:  Ensure measurability across buyer journey.  Set objectives / KPIs.  Establish baseline.  
  • Optimization & Testing:  Know what tools to use aligned to KPIs.   Test, Test, Test.
  • Campaign Efficiency & ROI:  Enable and drive campaign efficiency & ROI metrics to modify investment levels and drive overall campaign strategies
Campaign Anthropologist:  Able to gain deep insights into our clients and apply to campaign design
  • Client Centricity:  Apply deep client insights to campaign design
  • Tailor marketing  based on customer type selection and data


A little about us:
IBM is the world’s largest information technology company with more than 360,000 employees serving clients in 170 countries.

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