Project Manager
Taylor, TX near Austin
November 11, 2016
Position Type:
Full Time
$75,000.00 - $95,000.00


The purpose of this Position Description is to establish and define the authority, accountability, reporting relationships, responsibilities, duties, and measures of performance of the Project Manager position for Coppera, LLC.


The primary function of the Project Manager is to manage all aspects of customer construction project execution for assigned projects.


The Project Manager position reports to the Operations Manager.

There are no positions that report to the Project Manager.


To perform the duties of this position successfully, the Project Manager must be able to complete all tasks and fulfill all responsibilities for this position in a satisfactory manner while achieving all company goals and objectives as defined and communicated by the Operations Manager.  Following are representative of the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to meet the requirements of the position.  Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.


Required: High school diploma or equivalent.

Preferred: College degree or coursework related to Construction Management, Project Management, Engineering, or Business Management.


Required: None

Preferred: Journeyman or Master Plumber Certification and/or Certification for Construction Project Management.


Required: Minimum of five (5) years prior experience in construction preferably in the Plumbing trade with a minimum of two (2) years of experience in a supervisory or management position.

Preferred: Significant and successful experience as a Project Manager or similar position preferably for a Construction Plumbing Contracting firm.


  • Must be skilled at initiating, building, and maintaining healthy relationships with customers as well as vendors and the community at large.
  • The ability to identify, understand, and meet the needs of Coppera, LLC’s customers for a Plumbing Sub-Contractor; customers include General Contractors, Architects, and Project Owners.
  • A thorough working knowledge of the technologies involved in Plumbing Construction and the relevant building codes and regulatory requirements for Plumbing Construction Contracting. This also includes a working knowledge of the relevant AIA American Institute of Architects) requirements for project management.
  • Must have managerial skills including, but not limited to:
  • Leadership skills; specifically, the ability to lead a project team.  This includes setting and communicating expectations, monitoring performance, implementing corrective action whenever expectations are not being achieved.
  • Goal setting and planning skills.
  • Decision making skills.
  • Problem solving skills.
    • Conflict resolution skills.
  • Communication skills, both verbal and in writing including the ability to deliver verbal presentations to individuals and groups.  English is required; multi-lingual (Spanish) would be advantageous.
    • Financial management skills including the ability to understand financial reports, interpret the data, and make sound business decisions based on the financial information.
  • The ability to plan, execute, and manage multiple construction projects in a manner that will accomplish all project objectives while controlling costs and maximizing gross profit margins.
  • The ability to represent Coppera, LLC effectively in all interactions with the customer’s project team, sub-contractors, and vendors on all matters concerning project execution.
  • The ability to work in a collaborative manner directly with the Field Superintendent throughout project execution.  This is absolutely essential for successful project execution.
  • The ability to read and understand industry/trade information and to stay current on industry trends.  This includes maintaining a high level of knowledge of the products and services offered both by this company and its competitors. 
  • The ability to quickly understand project requirements and develop effective plans for executing the project based on customer supplied project scope, specifications, and architectural construction drawings.
  • The ability to understand all requirements for documentation and record keeping on multiple projects and to assure that all documentation and record keeping needs are met.
  • Knowledge of and the ability to manage within the requirements of AIA (American Institute of Architects) requirements as they pertain to commercial construction, construction record keeping, and progress billings.
  • The ability to correctly perform routine business mathematical calculations (add, subtract, multiply, divide, fractions, decimals, ratios, etc.).
  • Must be proficient in the use and application of information technology to enhance productivity and facilitate company management.  This includes general application software systems (i.e. MS Word and Excel), industry specific software systems (i.e. ProContractor), and cloud-based applications (i.e. Smartsheet).


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by the Project Manager to successfully perform the essential functions of this position.

  • MOBILITY: The Project Manager must have sufficient mobility to access all areas of the company shop and offices without assistance.  Similarly, the Project Manager must have sufficient mobility to travel to customer, job site, and vendor locations and access any necessary areas of those locations without assistance.
    • DEXTERITY:  The Project Manager must have sufficient dexterity to operate office machines and equipment (computers and similar devices).
    • STRENGTH:  Lifting is not a routine function of this position; there are no specific strength requirements.


The following representative mental skills are necessary to assure that the Project Manager can successfully perform the position’s essential functions:

  • MATHEMATICAL:  Must have the ability to use basic mathematical calculations (add, subtract, multiply, divide, fractions, decimals, ratios, etc.).
  • LANGUAGE:  Must be able to communicate effectively in English both written and verbal.  This position requires the ability to make formal and informal presentations to individuals and groups.  Multilingual capabilities (Spanish) are not required, but would be an advantage.
  • MECHANICAL:  Must thoroughly understand the mechanical workings of equipment used for construction including its capabilities, limitations, and appropriateness for various construction tasks.  Must also thoroughly understand the mechanics and engineering attributes of the various structures and substructures typically encountered during construction projects.  An understanding of the concepts of Engineering is necessary.
  • SPATIAL:  Must be able to visualize and understand project requirements and specifications based on plans, drawings, blueprints, and sketches.  Conversely, must be able to create a visualization of a construction project in the form of a readable and understandable drawing or sketch.


The Project Manager will normally work indoors in a heated and air-conditioned office environment.  Some of the position responsibilities will require the Project Manager to be at construction sites which may not be heated or air conditioned.  When visiting customers and job sites, the Project Manager will encounter varying temperatures and weather conditions.  The normal auto and air travel hazards will apply. 

The noise level in the normal work environment is generally low, but can be higher when at job sites; hearing protection is not normally required. 

Working hours will generally be during normal business hours but may include the need to work any or all seven days of the week.  The normal workday is eight hours and the normal workweek is 40 hours.  The Project Manager is expected to work longer hours and to adjust start and stop times as necessary to accomplish the position duties and to support business needs. 


Operations Manager has delegated sufficient authority to the Project Manager to accomplish the routine duties and responsibilities of the position.  Following are representative of the specific authority routinely granted to this position:

  • Authority to represent the company and the company image to customers, vendors, employees, and the community.
  • Project Manager does not have the authority to set or change company or departmental policies, rules, and guidelines.
  • The Project Manager does not have authority to commit the company to contractual agreements.  Signing legal contracts is an exclusive authority of the Operations Manager position.
  • The Project Manager does not have authority to initiate or approve capital expenditures; all capital expenditures must be approved in advance by the Operations Manager. 
  • The Project Manager has the authority to initiate and/or approve non-capital purchases necessary to support project and business needs.  This includes initiating the purchase of “buyout materials” for assigned projects; these purchases will generally be initiated at the beginning of the execution phase of the project for delivery releases that will be initiated by the Field Superintendent.  Material purchases must be from vendors on the Coppera approved vendor list and must be from the specific vendor that submitted the low qualified quote/bid unless there are clear and documented reasons to place the purchase with a different vendor.
  • The Project Manager has the authority to issue Special Work Orders (SWO’s) for specific scope to approved sub-contractors only (on the Coppera, LLC Approved Sub-Contractor List) as necessary.
  • The Project Manager does not have authority for check-signing.
  • The Project Manager has authority to quote on and negotiate construction contracts and change orders for customer projects within guidelines established by the Operations Manager; all construction contracts must be submitted to the Operations Manager for signature.


The Project Manager and Field Superintendent are the core of Coppera, LLC’s project team for each and every customer project to which they are assigned.  It is of critical importance that they work together in a collaborative and constructive manner.  Communication and effective problem-solving is essential for the project to be executed successfully. 

The success of the project is measured by the quality of the work, timeliness of project completion, completion of the project within budget, and customer satisfaction.  To that end, the Project Manager and the Field Superintendent will both be deemed to have succeeded or failed based on how well they jointly achieve project success.

The Project Manager and Field Superintendent each have their own set of responsibilities for which they have primary responsibility; however, many of those individual responsibilities cannot be successfully achieved without mutual cooperation and communication.

Following are representative of the primary responsibilities of the Project Manager and are described in more detail in the company’s Standard Operating Procedures for Project Execution:

  • Pre-Construction planning activities:
    • Establish a relationship with the customer’s project manager and/or project management team.  The Project Manager is the primary liaison between Coppera, LLC and the customer throughout the project.
    • Review of customer supplied project documents including scope, specifications, plans and overall project schedule.
    • Obtain any necessary additional information using RFI’s (Request for Information) as needed.
    • Development of Coppera, LLC’s construction schedule in support of customer’s overall project schedule and obtaining customer approval.
    • Site visit for field verification of project information supplied (jointly with the Field Superintendent).
    • Value engineering (jointly with the Field Superintendent).
    • Change Order processing for V.E. generated changes.
    • Contract review and execution.
    • Initiating PO(s) for “Buyout” materials with tentative release schedule.
    • Initiating SWO(s) (Special Work Order) for Sub-Contractors and providing project schedule for sub-contractor scheduling.
  • Construction Phase activities:
    • Change Order processing.
    • Progress Billing and Draw Requests.
    • Monthly Billing Projection.
    • Vendor and Sub-Contractor Invoice Approval.
  • Project Completion and Closeout activities:
    • Customer walk-through inspection and sign-off.
    • Customer sign-off of Punch List Completion.
    • Submittals.
    • Closeout documents.
    • Lead the “Lessons Learned” (Post Mortem) meeting.

Following are additional Project Manager responsibilities that do not apply directly to individual projects:

  • Responsible for adherence to all company policies and procedures with particular emphasis on the Standard Operating Procedures for Project execution.
  • Responsible for performing Project Management duties on multiple projects simultaneously.  The number of simultaneous projects will vary depending on the complexity and size of the individual projects.
  • Responsible for establishing and maintaining an effective and positive relationship with customers at all times.
  • Responsible for pre-planning the allocation of “competing” company resources, particular labor and equipment, on construction projects to meet all customers’ project timing and completion requirements. 
  • Responsible for presenting a positive and professional image for the company in all dealings with customers, vendors, employees, and the community.  Maintains a well-groomed, professional appearance appropriate for the position and business environment.
  • Responsible for performing all duties in a manner that is personally cooperative and supportive of all other members of the Coppera, LLC organization.
  • Responsible for assuring that Coppera, LLC is always in compliance with all laws, statutes, regulations, and guidelines issued by federal, state, and local governments and agencies as they pertain to construction project execution.  Also responsible for assuring that all project activities are conducted in an ethical, legal, and businesslike manner.
  • Responsible for compliance to all environmental regulations imposed by governmental agencies (i.e. EPA) at all job sites.
  • Responsible for compliance to all pertinent plumbing codes on all projects.
  • Responsible for performing all duties in a manner that is personally cooperative and supportive of all other members of the company management team. 
  • When necessary, the Project Manager may assist in the performance of duties normally performed by other positions.  Although this is not a routine part of the position, the Project Manager must perform these duties professionally and with strict adherence to the same procedures and guidelines that the other employees are required to follow.
  • All other duties and tasks as may be necessary to achieve company goals and objectives or as may be directed from time to time by company Operations Manager.


Evidence that the Project Manager of Coppera, LLC is performing in an acceptable manner includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • The Project Manager is maintaining acceptable performance against the following established metrics; specific goals and objectives for these metrics will be established by the Operations Manager and revised annually.  The metrics may include, but are not limited to:
    • Labor Productivity - % over/under budgeted labor hours (both for individual projects and the aggregate of all projects).
    • Labor Cost - % over/under budgeted labor dollars (both for individual projects and the aggregate of all projects).
    • Material Cost - % over/under budgeted material dollars (both for individual projects and aggregate of all projects).
    • Other Project Costs - % over/under budget other project costs (both for individual projects and aggregate of all projects).
    • Timeliness - number of days early/late (both for individual projects and aggregate of all projects).
    • Effective Project Close Out – number of days from substantial completion to full project close-out vs. goal (both for individual projects and average of all projects).
    • Customer Satisfaction Ratings (total from Customer Satisfaction Survey) vs. goal (both for individual projects and aggregate of all projects).
  • Conducts himself/herself professionally and maintains effective customer, trade, employee, and community relations at all times.  Maintains professional appearance and demeanor at all times.
  • All company and Operations Department policies and operating procedures, particularly the Standard Operating Procedures for Project Execution are consistently followed at all times and on all projects.
    • Promotes a high degree of cooperation and interaction with all company employees and works effectively as team leader and a team member.  All personal commitments made by the Project Manager to other company personnel are fulfilled as committed.
    • Customer satisfaction is high, with complaints and/or rework held to an acceptable minimum.  The company’s reputation for quality, professionalism, and service to its customers is maintained and enhanced.  TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is not only a goal, but is a reality. 
    • The Operations Department is operating in an ethical and prudent manner. The company has not been cited or fined by any regulatory agency for failure to comply with any laws, regulations, or mandates. Similarly, the company has not been named defendant in any meritorious civil actions.


I have reviewed and I understand the above position description and I believe it to be accurate and complete.  I can and will successfully fulfill each duty or task.  I also agree that Coppera, LLC retains the right to change this position description at any time, and that I will be notified in writing of any such changes.

This position description is effective until revised and properly approved.


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