Project Manager
Redmond , Washington
January 26, 2017
Adecco is looking for an Onsite manager to work for a seasonal project coming to Redmond, WA. This person will have to travel from the Lynnwood and or Seattle branch about 30% of the time and work at the onsite location once the project starts about 70% of the time.

Job details as follows:
Client Relationship Management
¿ Participate in Introduction Call two weeks prior to Premiere (Ops Mgr, Branch, NS¿s & Cirque)
¿ Throughout Setup, locate Cirque supervisors onsite and introduce yourselves
¿ Determine time for weekly meeting with Cirque to review status and address any challenges
¿ Commit to checking with supervisors on the following schedule to review performance feedback:
¿ FOH Daily
¿ Kitchen Daily
¿ Wardrobe Weekly
¿ Runner Weekly
¿ Participate in the end of city scorecard review

Perform Check-ins & Ensure Fill Rates Are Met
¿ During Setup check in all Cirquadors on their first shift working onsite:
¿ Arrive to site 30 minutes prior to first scheduled shift
¿ Remain onsite until check-ins are filled 100% per Cirque requirements
¿ Relay the safety procedures and PPE, introduce Cirquador to supervisor
¿ For Show Run check in FOH Cirquadors every day (Tue-Sun):
¿ Arrive to site 30 minutes prior to first scheduled shift
¿ Perform check ins, follow up on missing staff, and plug in standbys as needed
¿ Remain onsite until check-ins are filled 100% per Cirque requirements
¿ Adecco shall have 2 people onsite for check ins every day, with additional support week 1
¿ For Show Run monitor BOH attendance:
¿ Address any call outs/no shows with the department supervisors
¿ Work on a backup plan to replace any missing staff as quickly as possible
¿ Near-Site shall advise Cirque if the temp tent needs attention (maintenance, cleaning, etc)
¿ Near-Site shall ensure that the staff are cleaning up after themselves (regular verbal reminders)

¿ Prepare, distribute and maintain schedules for FOH based on requirements from Cirque
¿ Review the schedule each day to address any gaps and add backfills
¿ Monitor any last minute call outs or changes that occur and add backfills
¿ Prepare the Daily & email to Cirque FOH supervisors 4 hours prior to show time

¿ Review PeopleNet on a daily basis to fix any missing punches and verify all staff clocked in/out
¿ Email Cirque Sunday mornings to confirm that all hours in PeopleNet are ready for approval
¿ If the approvals are not completed by 4pm, escalate accordingly for Cirque¿s internal follow up
¿ Close the clocks each week ensuring all time transfers from PeopleNet to CM
¿ Review TER & Batch Error reports for accuracy
¿ Process Pay no Bill and Hawker Commission sheets

A little about us:
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