R&D Associate Principal Scientist - Seasoning Developer

  • Company: PepsiCo
  • Posted: December 08, 2016
  • Reference ID: 108357BR
Pepsico Global Seasonings & Flavors, FLUS Regional Seasoning Team

The Associate Principle Scientist (L9) will lead seasoning development across multiple brands and products working on R&D Global Seasonings & Flavor function with responsibility for Frito-Lay US Regional team seasoning & flavor development. The role includes flavor territory research & ideation, culinary influence, flavor & seasoning development, seasoning vendor partnership, seasoning processing & scale up, and seasoning specifications.

  • Lead seasoning/flavor development from idea inception through finished product commercialization for FLNA across multiple brands.
  • Actively participate with cross-discipline R&D and cross-functional business development teams.
  • Collaborate with Insights and Marketing to identify flavor strategy for each brand, each demand space, the business-problem-to-solve, and the consumer-problem-to-solve.
  • Partner with base brand Product Development team(s) to integrate base/flavor development plans.
  • Collaborate with culinary partners to identify relevant in-market and culinary flavors, create culinary gold standards, and execute iCrave process for higher rigor flavor development projects.
  • Partner with seasoning/flavor suppliers to leverage their expertise and yours to execute iterative development to optimize performance against flavor briefs.
  • Explore new/existing methods for flavor delivery to create optimal flavor experience within manufacturing system constraints.
  • Collaborate with internal/external sensory partners to evaluate consumer response to developed seasonings/flavors.
  • Leverage internal/external analytical & sensory partners to qualify/quantify taste & volatile profiles, and to define seasoning material properties
  • Work with vendors and task force to scaleup seasoning/flavor designs, and typically either full scale test at trade call or proactively full scale test, if risks warrant.
  • Create, update, route, and manage specifications & documentation including: seasoning ingredient specs, finished product formulation sheets, finished product specs, etc.
  • Lead development and execution of R&D TSG requirements from idea inception through in-market launch, and actively support the TSG/ILT governance process.
  • Lead project/programs that are not only product/seasoning/flavor innovation, but also brand stewardship, productivity, and human sustainability related.


  • Masters of Food Science or Bachelors of Engineering degree, minimum.
  • Capable to frequently taste/sample products, discern product design/flavor attributes, and provide qualitative feedback to functional peers, cross functional partners, and suppliers.
  • Demonstrated competency to develop project objectives aligned with business goals (consumer problem to solve, customer problem to solve, business problem to solve, etc.)
  • Demonstrated competency to manage multiple projects and deliver results while overcoming obstacles.
  • Demonstrated individual drive and capability for continue growth and expansion of technical competency, role, and responsibilities to meet both team and broader organization objectives.
  • Demonstrated competency to effectively influence individuals/teams/organization using solid communication and collaboration skills.
  • Ability to effectively anticipate, plan, and lead research and development programs to drive success and mitigate potential issues.
  • Ability to effectively apply a broad range of internal and external innovation resources to maximize project results.
  • Ability to combine an understanding of cross functional business with functional & technical understanding into decision making.
  • Experience in Pepsico R&D product development and/or seasoning development activities, processes, and systems a plus.
  • Experience with FLUS seasoning system setup, operation, quality control, troubleshooting, etc. a plus.
  • Ability to independently lead R&D tests, demonstrating appropriate technical and leadership competence.
  • Willing to travel, typically

Relocation Eligible

Eligible for Limited Relocation

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