Radiology Technologist PRN

Position Description:
Provides health care services, applying x-ray energy to assist in diagnosis or treatment. Performs radiographic procedures and related techniques, producing images for the interpretation by; or at the reques of a licensed practitioner. Exercises professional judgment in performance of services and maintains a demeanor complementary to medical ethics. Provides appropriate patient care and recognizes patient conditions essential for successful completion of the procedure.

1. Performs all diagnostic radiological procedures, including; ED, Surgical, Fluoroscopic, special and portable radiographs.
2. Assists physicians and radiologists in procedures requiring sterile technique.
3. Prepares and administers radiopaque contrast media needed for radiologic exams.
4. Assesses patients condition prior and during all radiologic procedures.
5. Performs other related duties as needed.
Required: Graduate of an American Medical Association approved program in Radiologic Technology.
Preferred: Must have 2 years experience in an acute care setting as an x-ray technologist.

Required: Must be a Registered Radiologic Technologist and certified in Texas by the Texas Medical Board. ARRT (R), Current basic CPR certification

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