Repropraphics Team Lead

  • Company: R R Donnelley
  • Location: Washington, District of Columbia
  • Posted: December 13, 2016
  • Reference ID: 205681

Operate machines that automatically addresses, weighs, and ties into bundles printed publications, such as magazines, catalogs, and pamphlets, for mailing according to zip code.  Review manufacturing instructions to determine type and size of publication scheduled for mailing.  Make adjustments to guides, rollers, loose card inserter, weighing machine, and tying arm, using rule and hand tools.  Records production according to customer name and zip code, and machine down time due to malfunctions or lack of work.  Processes and ships outgoing small package parcels such as UPS, Federal Express, and DHL.

Requires familiarity with routine operating procedures of equipment which can be set up and operated following a few step by step instructions and the skill to operate the equipment.  Requires skill to perform minor clerical tasks incidental to the operation of the equipment (e.g., maintain machine operating and maintenance records, write new identification labels for computer tapes, etc.), and skill to perform routine maintenance such as cleaning and lubricating the equipment.  Ability to identify if improper machine operation and make basic adjustments.

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