Resident Pharmacist- PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency, University of Houston (Houston, TX)
Houston , Texas
April 26, 2017
Resident Pharmacist- PGY1 Community Pharmacy Residency, University of Houston (Houston, TX) (Job Number: 024799)
Community Pharmacy - Str15320 - 4101 GREENBRIAR ST

Walgreens and the University of Houston College of Pharmacy  Community Pharmacy Residency Program (PGY1), Houston, TX

The purpose of the Walgreens and University of Houston Community Pharmacy Residency is to provide the pharmacy resident with  expertise in the implementation and management of sustainable Medication Therapy Management services in a health-system outpatient  pharmacy environment. The program will involve the student in various activities that foster development of a multitude of skills  such as leadership, research, practice management, and teaching skills for patients, students, pharmacists, and other health care  providers. Upon successful completion of the residency, the resident will be prepared to pursue patient care positions in community  pharmacy, ambulatory care clinics or in academia as adjunct faculty.
The residency program is based at a premier Walgreens health system pharmacy location with innovative services for patients who  are prescribed complex therapies for transplant or oncology. The community pharmacists at this site work closely with medical staff to  provide optimal drug therapy for patients and will have a direct influence on patient outcomes through participation in patient counseling,  immunization services, and Medication Therapy Management. The resident will also gain patient care experience in other select  Walgreens health systems pharmacies located in the Houston metropolitan area. The other sites include health system based pharmacies  that offer bedside delivery and post discharge follow up to improve patient adherence and reduce hospital readmission rates.  In addition, residents gain insight to management issues that can affect the implementation of patient care services in the community  pharmacy setting. 

The residency is offered in partnership with the University of Houston College of Pharmacy. This partnership allows the resident the  opportunity to gain experience in the delivery of clinical pharmacy services in ambulatory care clinics. The resident actively participates  in teaching and precepting experiences at the College.

Residency Activities
The resident will participate in the provision of patient care  services through the following:
  • Development of health and wellness programs
  • Disease state management programs in areas such as HIV,  transplant, asthma/COPD, and Hepatitis C
  • Medication therapy management
  • Pharmacists administered immunizations
  • Community outreach programs

The resident will participate in the following activities that  strengthen practice management and educator skills:
  • Design and conduct a practice based research project
  • Present research findings at a regional residency conference  and in an appropriate professional meeting
  • Execute marketing strategy for the promotion of patient care  services
  • Provide clinical instruction to student pharmacists at the  College and pharmacy

Residency Program Benefits
  • Competitive stipend and comprehensive medical plan
  • Travel allowance for pharmacy related conferences
  • Residents are eligible for Paid Time Off (PTO). The rate at  which you accrue your PTO will be based on your years of service, average hours per week, and position. Resident pharmacists may accrue approximately 15 days (120 hours) depending on average hours worked and time in position.

Candidate Requirements
  • Doctor of Pharmacy degree from a college or school of pharmacy  accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
  • Texas Pharmacist license within 90 days of the start of the  residency program
  • Completed on-line application form at
  • Submission of residency application materials to Pharmacy  Online Residency Centralized Application Service (PhORCAS).
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Three professional letters of recommendation
  • A written statement explaining why you are pursuing a  community pharmacy residency and what you hope to gain from the residency program
  • Official university transcripts
  • On-site interview (upon invitation)
  • Power point presentation (topic related to community  pharmacy)

Application Process
  • A completed application and all accompanying materials must be  submitted no later than January 15, 2017 for candidates to be considered for our program.

Employment type Full-time

A little about us:
The training you received, the discipline you embraced, and the responsibilities you held in the military will serve you well at Walgreens.

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