Retail Fulfillment Coordinator

KIRK RD - Coordinate assigned manufacturing operations with the objective of maximizing productivity of quality products while minimizing costs.  Ensure that all processes are being followed in the completion of work tasks.  Provide instruction and guidance to employees and audit work processes and products to confirm production specifications are met.  Coordinate assigned operations,  and stocking of supplies and raw materials.  Maintain and updates daily production records and produces reports as necessary.  Ensure that safety procedures are followed by all employees.

Perform a wide variety of tasks to ensure a timely flow of production and assembly activities.  Compiles and maintains information to expedite movement of materials according to schedule and priorities.  Locate, coordinate and expedite the flow of fulfillment materials, in-process materials and components within the retail fulfillment department.  Verify and maintain documentation.  Coordinate materials through appropriate channels.  Provide information to various departments regarding status. Apply knowledge of department policies and procedures, and utilizes a general understanding of other departments' functions. May be responsible for data entry, reporting, checking or verifying of information, generation of reports and responding to data requests.  Responsible for maintaining department files.  May assist with production planning and special projects.


Position available on 2nd shift.

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