RN Administrator
Uniontown , Ohio
December 20, 2016
The Administrator is a qualified person appointed by the Board of Directors (Governing Body) to administer, direct, and coordinate all the activities of the Agency in compliance with governing regulations. The responsibility for administration and management of the home health services program shall be vested in the individual whose qualifications, authority, and duties shall be defined in this written statement approved by the Governing Body.
The Agency shall only employ an Administrator who:
B. Is a registered nurse; or
C. Has a Bachelor's degree, preferably in health care administration (at a minimum, training and experience in health service administration and at least two (2) years of administrative or supervisory experience in home health care or related health program (hospital, nursing facility, or hospice, etc.).
D. Be able to read, write, and comprehend English.
E. The Administrator shall not have been employed in the last one year as an administrator with another agency at the time the agency was cited with violations of the statute or this chapter, which resulted in enforcement action taken against the agency. For purposes of this clause only, the term "enforcement action" means license revocation, suspension, emergency suspension, or denial of a license or injunction action but does include administrative or civil penalties. If the department prevails in one enforcement action against the agency but also proceeds with another enforcement action based on some or all of the same violations, but the department does not prevail in the second action, the prohibition in this clause does not apply.
F. The Administrator shall not have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor per federal guidelines.
H. The Administrator may also be the Coordinating Nurse (supervising nurse) if the Coordinating Nurse meets the qualifications of an administrator.
The Administrator must be responsible for implementing and supervising the administrative policies of the agency and administratively supervising the provision of all services. The Administrator organizes and directs the Agency's ongoing functions and is responsible for:
A. Maintaining an on-going liaison with the IDG Committee, the Governing Body, and the Agency staff.
B. Coordinating service components to be provided by contractual agreement and ensuring hiring of qualified personnel.
C. Planning overall development of the Hospice Agency as set forth in the Conditions of Participation under the direction of the Governing Body.
D. Being familiar with State and Federal Regulations and arranging for Agency compliance with the same.
E. Being responsible for familiarizing employees with State, Federal Regulations and having copies of the regulations available for their use.
F. Being responsible for the completion, keeping, and submission of such reports and records as required by State, Federal Regulatory Agencies.
G. Directing installation of improved work methods and procedures to ensure achievement of objectives of the program.
H. Reviewing and evaluating existing policies and procedures on a timely basis. Directs revision of same when appropriate and presents to Governing Body at annual meeting for approval.
I. Developing standards and methods of measurement of Agency activities, e.g., as in the agency's annual program evaluation.
J. Oversees annual program evaluation and assists with implementation of suggestions from this evaluation.
K. Initiating preparation of yearly budget for control of expenditures.
L. Arranging for an effective budgeting and accounting system.
M. Meeting with Directors (supervisors) as indicated to solve administrative problems and coordinate and review activities of the Agency. Determining organizational lines of authority and fixed areas of responsibility. (Maintains a current organizational chart to show lines of authority to the patient level.)
N. Recommending rules governing conduct while on duty, working hours, and salary or per visit rates.
O. Developing cooperative relationships with other agencies for exchange of information and services with community agencies to develop understanding of the program. Contracting local, state, and national associations and participates in meetings and conventions.
P. Authorizing purchase of supplies and equipment.
Q. In writing, designated appoints a qualified coordinator or supervising nurse of services.
R. Coordinates annual IDG Committee and Governing Body meetings, as well as assures quarterly UR/QI (Performance Improvement) Committee meetings are held.
S. Maintaining an office facility for the Agency, which is large enough for efficient staff, work, adequately equipped, and provides a safe working environment.
T. Other duties as needed.
U. To supervise and evaluate client satisfaction survey reports on all clients served.
V. Be available in person or by telephone during the agency's operating hours.
W. Ensure that the documentation of services provided is accurate and timely;
X. Employ or contract with qualified personnel;
Y. Ensure adequate staff education and evaluations.
Z. Ensure the accuracy of public information materials and activities.

A little about us:
Our mission is to provide high quality, compassionate and cost-effective care to our patients through clinical leadership, outcomes management and maintaining an ethical workplace.

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