RN Branch Manager
Williamsburg , Virginia
November 17, 2017
Branch Manager
Pinnacle Senior Care , a CHAP accredited leader in skilled home health is leading the way into the future with its dynamic chronic care home health model. Pinnacle Senior Care is a partner of US Medical Management and owned by a Fortune 250 company. Pinnacle presents the unique opportunity to be part of a medically-centered home care provider within a continuum of care that includes Home Care, Hospice, Visiting Physicians Association, and Laboratory/Diagnostic services.
We are seeking applicants that desire the experience of changing healthcare through compassionate delivery of care. We provide opportunity for growth and advancement, with over 20 branch locations in 8 states.
Positions offer:
  • Partnership with Visiting Physicians Association allows staff easy access to doctors to optimize quality patient care.
  • #1 operating point of care system/ Home Care Home Base.
  • Ready access to professional resources such as wound care and rehabilitation specialists.
  • Weekly team conferences to optimize patient care through open discussion with the interdisciplinary team.
  • Flexible scheduling with very limited on-call and weekend hours.
  • A Competitive salary package which includes a 401k match.
  • Mileage reimbursement.
  • Scrubs provided.
  • Fast advancement opportunities in a rapidly expanding innovative healthcare environment offering a clinical ladder.
  • A unique opportunity to provide care with specialty programs that focus on disease pathology, Health Literacy, and treating the whole patient.
  • Agency is a Member of the National Association for Home Care.
The Branch Manager participates in all activities related to the professional services provided, including establishing criteria on qualifications and assignment of personnel.
  • Directs implementation of approved work methods and procedures that reflect elements essential to rendering high quality care. (Ensures that the professional standards of community nursing practice are maintained by all nurses providing care.)
  • Participates in the review, analysis, and appraisal of the effectiveness of the total Agency program.
  • Interprets and transmits policies of the Governing Body to the professional staff in order to insure compliance with policies.
  • Supervises job classifications and job descriptions of professional personnel.
  • Selects and maintains a qualified, well-organized staff to provide care for the needs of the patients. Is accountable for all clinical staff.
  • Establishes staffing patterns, which reflect the quality and quantity of various professional personnel necessary to plan, provide, and supervise the care rendered to patients and families.
  • Establishes methods for coordination of care by all disciplines.
  • Gives leadership in promoting and maintaining standards for giving good quality care by all members of the patient care team.
  • Supervises and teaches or assigns delegated licensed clinician to provide supervision and teaching in order to improve practice within the Agency.
  • Assures compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Consults with the Medical Advisor in matters relating to patient care services.
  • Periodically reviews policies relevant to patient care with Medical Advisor and/or Administrator.
  • Works closely with the Clinical Support Specialist in the development of orientation and staff education programs.
  • Encourages and assists personnel to continue self-improvement through formal education/training.
  • Evaluates service policies and functions, and recommends proposals for changes, study, or problems, which affect the Agency.
  • Evaluates the performance of the individuals in the program in relation to the established standards and the individual's professional development.
  • Evaluates own job performance and utilization of resources in planning for professional growth.
  • Participates in the total service program in relation to Agency goals and community needs.
  • Serves as a member of the Utilization Review and Performance Improvement Committees.
  • Serves as a member of the Professional Advisory Board (PAC).
  • Participates in local organizations and activities relative to the health professions and community health services.
  • Participates in State and national organizations, meetings, seminars, workshops, and activities relating to the health professions and health care services.
  • Supervises employee health program.
  • Ensures the client's plan of care is executed as written.
  • Ensures a reassessment of a client's needs is performed by the appropriate healthcare Professional when there is a significant health status change in the client's condition; at the physician's request; or after hospitalization.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Additionally, in the State of Texas, the Agency shall employ a Branch Manager who:
  • The Branch Manager shall not have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor listed in •97.601(b)(2) of this title (relating to License Denial, Suspension, or Revocation).
  • A Newly appointed Branch Manager must complete within 12 months of designation, 24 clocked hours of initial continuing education as outlined in TAC 97.259. Each 12 months following initial training, the Administrator will complete = or > 12 clocked hours of continuing education as outlined in TAC 97.260.
  • Is a licensed Physician; a Registered Nurse; licensed Social Worker, licensed Therapist, or licensed Nursing Home Administrator or;
  • Has at least a high school diploma or a general equivalency degree (GED) (at a minimum, training and experience in health service administration and at least two (2) years of administrative or supervisory experience in home health care or related health program (hospital, nursing facility, or hospice, etc.)
  • For the delivery of personal assistant services only, have at least a high school diploma or a general equivalency degree (GED) and at least one (1) year experience or training in caring for individuals with functional disabilities.
  • The Branch Manager shall not have been employed in the last one year as a Branch Manager or Administrator with another agency at the time the agency was cited with violations of the statute or this chapter, which resulted in enforcement action taken against the agency. For purposes of this clause only, the term "enforcement action" means license revocation, suspension, emergency suspension, or denial of a license or injunction action but does include administrative or civil penalties. If the department prevails in one enforcement action against the agency but also proceeds with another enforcement action based on some or all of the same violations, but the department does not prevail in the second action, the prohibition in this clause does not apply.

A little about us:
Our mission is to provide high quality, compassionate and cost-effective care to our patients through clinical leadership, outcomes management and maintaining an ethical workplace.

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