RN Clinical Educator

Clinical Educator
Visiting Physicians Association, a national leader in delivering home based primary care, works with home health and hospice agencies to ensure patients receive continuity of care in the home environment. VPA in-home physicians collaborate with agencies to establish in-home treatment plans and certify the need for services. VPA partners with over 1,000 home health agencies, collaborates with independent and assisted living communities, and works with skilled nursing facilities and hospitals nationally to coordinate services and patient transitions to home care.
Works at a Visiting Physicians Association (V.P.A.) office and serves as the Clinical Educator serving the U.S.M.M. continuum.
  • Provides on-site clinical coordination
  • Facilitates positive relationship development among the continuum
  • Demonstrates maturity in communication and conflict resolution
  • Interacts with physicians, staff, patients/families, community agencies, and also serves as an educational resource regarding hospice and home care benefits
  • Contributes to enhancing positive organizational culture through team building activities
  • Maintains access via phone and e-mail
  • Works closely with assigned physicians regarding:
    • Criteria for hospice and home care referrals
    • Community resources in specific geographical service area
    • Case conferencing to coordinate care, improve documentation, and communication
    • Patient education materials
    • Attends continuum meetings to facilitate appropriate utilization of continuum resources to meet patient and family needs
  • Assists with documentation to support eligibility of patient under the care of hospice or home care
  • Utilizes tools to support quality of care
    • Daily, weekly, and monthly tracking of activities utilizing standardized processes
    • Weekly and monthly reports completed and turned in to meet time management deadlines
  • Coordinates paperwork regarding re-certifications and/or prevention of discharge regarding hospice documentation as needed:
    • Reviews patient medical records
    • Works with VPA staff and assures that referrals and orders are properly/timely placed
  • Participates in developing and enhancing tools and educational programs that promote patient services:
    • Provides periodic ride-along with physician
    • Identifies areas for program development
    • Provides or arranges for in-services for continuum staff
  • Attends all required meetings (monthly staff, etc.) and in-services
  • Manages time to encompass all duties and documentation
  • Completes and submits all corporate documents and reports in a timely manner
  • Meets or exceeds established targeted goals
  • Ability to train and develop employees to meet company expectations
  • Must be very structured, organized, very detailed, and able to meet deadlines
  • Working knowledge of computer programs (email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Maintains current knowledge of Medicare Guidelines for Home Care and Hospice
  • Maintains communication with Corporate Director of Clinical Educators regarding compliance and in meeting job requirements
  • R.N. with 1-2 years hospice experience
  • Knowledge of Medicare regulations and home care and hospice standards
  • Experience with small group presentations and teaching/training
  • Understanding of adult learning principles
  • Exhibits excellent interpersonal skills
  • Home Health experience
  • Leadership and/or marketing experience


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