S/O Machinist 11

  • Company: Johnson Controls
  • Location: Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
  • Posted: December 13, 2017
  • Reference ID: 156544
1. Set-up, and operate one or more CNC machines but not limited to listed machines, to perform various operations
in the manufacture.
A. K&T 800's
B. Orion CNC
C. G&L's CNC
D. Cincinnatti
E. FTSI Flame-Hardening Equipment

2. Plan and perform all set-ups in a workman-like manner, adhering to drawings tolerances and fine finishes.

3. Instruct other persons to safely operate machines, including the individual characteristics of each job.

4. Read and understand drawings.

5. Use of mathematics to calculate dimension and specifications.

6. Use necessary precision tools and instruments to complete assigned tasks.

7. Select proper speeds and feeds.

8. Determine proper tooling to perform job.

9. Check out all dimensions of first piece and make any indicated corrections or adjustments to set up before
proceeding with production. Make necessary adjustments during operation to achieve requisite tolerance or

10. Lubricate and clean machine parts to keep bearing surfaces free of grit, chips and grease.

11. Perform necessary material handling associated with job.

12. Detect unusual conditions or material defects and report to proper supervision.

13. Maintain necessary time quality, quantity and other records.

14. Maintain clean and safe work area and equipment as required.

15. May be called upon to participate within special work teams performing various team related duties.

16. Follow all safety policies, procedures and JHRA's.

High School Diploma or GED.

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