Sales Programs Analyst

  • Company: AmerisourceBergen
  • Posted: December 24, 2016
  • Reference ID: 00001GZ9

The Sales Programs Analyst will support MWI's management objectives by extracting, analyzing, and summarizing data on a variety of applications, drawing appropriate conclusions, and presenting results in a clear and concise format.

  • Analyze vendor programs and contracts and communicate all pertinent information to appropriate personnel within the company.

  • Maintain a database of contracts and documents relating to vendor programs.
  • Calculate estimated negative/backend margins and rebates earned for the purposes of (1) company-wide goal achievement, (2) financial accruals, and (3) sales-staff compensation.
  • Work closely with the Sales Analysis and Reporting Manager to build and maintain an automated system with which to measure and report vendor-program data.
  • Work with vendors to ensure MWI's sales data reconciles with vendor data and that all earned rebates and negative/backend margin funds are collected.
  • Prepare various ad-hoc reports as needed by management by extracting and analyzing data, drawing conclusions where appropriate, and presenting results in a clear and concise format.
  • Work with management to allocate vendor sales-out goals to territories; measure and report progress and results.
  • Work closely with I.T. to develop, test, and implement computer applications and reports as needed by the department.
  • Build and maintain an expert-level knowledgebase of the company's databases and maintain a high level of proficiency in data presentation.


A Bachelors Degree is required. High degree of computer proficiency is necessary, including in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Excel, solid understanding of database management concepts, and proficiency with query tools such as MS Access, SQL, or comparable. AS/400 experience preferred. Ability to understand and use mathematical and statistical concepts is needed. Must be able to read, understand, and interpret contracts, including legal and financial information; identify and define problems, evaluate alternatives, and recommend and implement effective solutions; be exacting, thorough, and highly attentive to detail. As point-person within the company for managing contracts and vendor programs, it is essential that the incumbent actively involve other departments within the company and outside vendor representatives to ensure thorough and accurate information gathering and distribution. The incumbent must value accuracy and appropriateness, and possess the ability to clearly and concisely communicate the results of data analysis relevant to the given context.


Administer Effectively: Monitors daily implementation of activities, projects, policies and procedures; notices errors and gaps; keeps detailed and accurate records; processes paperwork promptly and follows up on important details.

Maintain Technological Expertise: Keeps informed of technological advances affecting the industry; recognizes/identifies appropriate and effective technological applications for use by the company; applies internal technology to effective advantage.

Speak Effectively: Speaks effectively in individual or group situations (i.e., meetings, presentations, interviews); able to organize and present information to others; delivers positive high impact presentations.

Write Effectively: Writes using good grammatical form and appropriate style; expresses ideas in a clear, thorough, concise and organized manner; recognizes different methods for communicating the same information and selects the best method for each situation.

Disseminate Information: Encourages and continually demonstrates the timely distribution of information within and across the organization

Time Management: Establishes realistic priorities; accurately assesses own time requirements for various projects; activities; schedules own time and activities efficiently.

Problem Solving: Recognizes that a problem exists (i.e., that there is a discrepancy between what is and what should be); identifies possible reasons for the discrepancy and devises and implements a plan of action to resolve it

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