Security Network Engineer

• Key areas of need: These will be on the infrastructure security (IDS, IPS, network security, application security) requirements and less on the IT security knowledge (patching, local security, device security). • Coding/scripting: Java, .NET, Python, etc - Dev experience (Dev by training less IT) • Should have have been a leader on a project. Plus if they have delivered production: Built tools and deployed them with results and evidence that they work • Strong verbal communication: Engineers level of communication, can speak technical to the right people • Nice to have AWS or Azure • Firewalls • Implementing network security tools • Infrastructure project oriented work • Corporate Production 60-70% • Write requirements: Writing policies and procedures, present information outcome of security assessment • If it's just theoretical experience not enough - need practical experience • Has had issues with security that was compromised and had to delegate thru being attacked or compromised • Want to understand how they have worked with other stakeholders, how do they influence them generating the drive to change policy and behaviors within the company • Passionate about security. On top of the latest hacks/threats • Have had to challenge the status quo in a security context o I.E.: may have stopped a deployment or launch for security concerns

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