Senior Data Scientist
Boulder , Colorado
September 23, 2017
Flexible Location: Santa Monica, CA or Boulder, CO

The Analytic Services team develops statistical services and tools to integrate into Activision's games and their operations. Examples include anomaly detection, recommendation systems, and computer vision. We work at the interface of design, big data engineering, and math to help deliver epic entertainment experiences.

The team is looking for a senior data scientist. As a member of the Analytic Services group, your main responsibility is to develop novel analytics and contribute to the vision and execution of Activision's analytic strategy by creating innovative methodologies, algorithms and prototypes, and by demonstrating their value. You will build statistical models with large datasets to derive meaningful insights that effect actionable business decisions.

The ideal candidate will be a seasoned statistician who wants to polish their statistical modeling skills in a fast-paced business environment and with a passion for video games. Because you also understand gamers' mindset, you are reliably able to qualitatively deduce and draw quantitative conclusions from player behavioral data that directly influence game design, play balance and player retention. If this sounds like it may be the perfect role for you, it probably is. Previous experience in the gaming industry is not required.

Drive exploration and analysis of large, complex data sets representing hundreds of millions of real-world play sessions. Establish the feasibility of critical studies, choosing the right tools and techniques to mine the data in a timely way, iterating on data visualizations, and draw quantitative conclusions from player data that directly influences game development.

  • Manage analytic projects and customer expectations
  • Deliver presentations on analytic topics and results
  • Analyze gamer behavior and patterns to drive engagement strategies
  • Understand complex data attributes and constraints to develop efficient models
  • Engage in predictive model development, deployment, and performance tracking and validation
  • Develop robust statistical models to support immediate and long-term business decisions, and provide recommendations to satisfy business needs
  • Work with game developers to identify key performance metrics and benchmarks related to user behavior, user segmentation, and user retention
  • Work closely with the live game teams to optimize play balance, game economies, and to identify and close out exploits
  • Mine current game data and user trends to inform the production of the next generation of products. Evaluate and quantify the effects of ongoing changes to games through statistical methods
  • Effectively communicate with other members of the team to build and implement statistical models

  • BA/BS degree required with technical focus (e.g. computer science, physics)
  • MS or PhD degree preferred
  • 5 years total experience in analytics
  • Software prototyping and development skills (e.g. Python, Java, version control, unit testing, build and continuous deployment tools)
  • Experience building supervised and unsupervised data models
  • Experience with relational and non-relational databases (e.g. Postgres, Cassandra, Redis) and working knowledge of SQL and data transformations
  • Experience developing RESTful APIs and software libraries
  • Familiarity with virtualized/containerized environments (e.g. EC2, Docker)
  • Experience with streaming data (e.g. Kafka, Kinesis)

Some experience in the following areas is desirable:
  • Microservice application architecture (e.g. Mesos, Marathon, Kubernetes)
  • High performance computing (e.g. parallel computing, GPUs)

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