Senior Director Data Scientist- Small Business Banking

  • Company: Capital One
  • Location: McLean, Virginia
  • Posted: January 21, 2017
  • Reference ID: R18105
1750 Tysons (12023), United States of America, McLean, Virginia

Senior Director Data Scientist- Small Business Banking

At Capital One, data is at the center of everything we do. When we launched as a startup we disrupted the credit card industry by individually personalizing every credit card offer using statistical modeling and the relational database, cutting edge technology in 1988! Fast-forward a few years, and this little innovation and our passion for data has skyrocketed us to a Fortune 200 company and a leader in the world of data-driven decision-making.

As a Data Scientist at Capital One, you’ll be part of a team that’s leading the next wave of disruption at a whole new scale, using the latest in distributed computing technologies and operating across billions and billions of customer transactions to unlock the big opportunities that help everyday people save money, time and agony in their financial lives.

About Small Business Banking:

We believe Small Businesses are the heart and soul of what drives our communities and economy forward with their passion and dedication to their work and customers. Beyond our customers, they are our family, friends and neighbors. We’re hell-bent on reinventing the way Small Businesses successfully manage their money, engage with their bank, and build meaningful financial lives. It’s audacious work at a massive scale.

Our group is relatively new to Capital One so we don’t shy away from challenging the status quo of process, policy, and the sacred cows inherent in a financial institution. Our inspiration is our small business customer — their ingenuity, scrappiness and relentless optimism for the future.

The head of Data Science is a critical part of the Small Business team and will build our data science community of practice and lead our team of data scientists and analysts to create game-changing data solutions for our business.

On any given day you’ll be:

-Driving the cycle of progress by finding the next deliverable that pushes us forward and making sure we don’t get mired in the data doldrums

-Developing collaborative workflows that bring our talents together and serve as a model for the larger organization

-Being a thought leader and valuating the landscape of tools to understand what will unlock new capabilities and performance and what is just a distraction, building and/or adapting to modern reporting tools

-Leading a team of 30+ Small Business data scientists and data analysts, motivating and mentoring them to grow their skills and careers

- Leading the Small Business Banking Data science practice, focused on creating a nurturing environment where associates can build careers and creating a magnet for top tier talent

- Designing and driving the execution of next gen Data Architecture for Small Business

- Helping different businesses within Small Business banking with their reporting and predictive modelling needs

- Creating the predictive behavioral models with both traditional statistical methods and modern machine learning tools in areas such as risk, product development and marketing

-Telling stories to executives, peers and reports, or at conferences and meet-ups, using data, empathy, and user insight to get folks excited, to understand customer journeys, or to see new opportunities on the horizon

-Getting your hands dirty! Writing code, running queries, finding datasets, or pulling knowledge together as a resource for folks getting up to speed

The Ideal Candidate will possess the following qualifications:

-Leader. You know when to speak and when to stay quiet. Your team gets the credit, not you. You probably have former reports that are now leading teams or companies.

-Communicator. You can communicate complex ideas clearly, your team knows their priorities and so does your manager. Folks know why they’re doing what they’re doing. Maybe you’re an introvert, or maybe you’re an extrovert, but nobody accuses you of keeping them out of the loop.

-Fearless. Big, undefined problems and petabytes don't frighten you. You can work at a tiny crack until you've broken open the whole nut.

-Creative. Big, undefined problems and petabytes of data don't frighten you. You’re used to working with abstract data, and you love discovering new narratives in unmined territories.

-Curious. You ask why, you explore, you're not afraid to blurt out your disruptive idea. You probably know Python, Scala, or R and you’re constantly exploring new open source tools.

-Wrangler. You know how to programmatically extract data from a database and an API, bring it through a transformation or two, and model it into human-readable form (ROC curve, map, d3 visualization, Tableau, etc.).

Twenty-five years after Capital One was started it’s still led by its founder. Be ready to join a community of the smartest folks you’ve ever met, who see the customer first, and want to use their data skills to make a difference.

Basic Qualifications:

-Bachelor’s Degree or Military Experience

-At least 3 years’ experience in open source programming languages for large scale data analysis

-At least 3 years’ experience with machine learning

-At least 3 years’ experience with relational databases

Preferred Qualifications:

- Master’s Degree or PhD

- Experience managing a team

- Experience with AWS

- At least 5 years’ experience in Python, Scala, or R

- At least 5 years’ experience with machine learning

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