Senior Software Engineer
Hillsboro , Oregon
January 12, 2017
The SSG/DPD team is looking for a senior software development engineer to develop Linux kernel and middleware software to support Fabric products for HPC and cloud/enterprise market segments.
Required Skills:
Experience developing Linux kernel software and working with the Linux kernel maintainers to submit code to the Linux kernel.
Knowledge of HPC cluster software drivers and middleware.
BSCS required (MSCS preferred) plus 5 years developing software for Linux.

Desired skills:
Experience developing Linux kernel software for the Linux RDMA subsystem.
Experience developing HPC middleware such as MPI and PGAS middleware.
Detailed knowledge of InfiniBand, Intel Omni-Path and Intel iWarp fabric products drivers and software.
Knowledge of the new Open Fabrics OFI communications interfaces.
Knowledge of cloud and enterprise software stacks, such as OpenStack, Hadoop, and Machine Learning frameworks.

A little about us:
Our vision is simple and direct. If it computes, it does it best with Intel. We embrace all aspects of computing.

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