Senior Software Engineer, Tools

The StarCraft II team is seeking an experienced engineer to help level up the StarCraft II tools pipeline. As part of a small team you will work to simplify and improve the tools used to build and deliver the most epic RTS to millions of fans around world. We want to set a course for long-term stability that enables designers, artists, and other engineers to work smarter and more efficiently to achieve the game vision.
  • Learn and understand the StarCraft II tools pipeline; simplify and improve the tools to maximize the creativity and productivity of artists, designers, and other engineers while minimizing downtime for our fans.
  • Identify and resolve pipeline issues and discover opportunities for improvement
  • Maintain tools for performance, stability, and error-free operation
  • A minimum of 5 years' experience in application programming
  • Experience and passion for tools development
  • Fluent in C
  • Experience working in mixed language code bases
  • Understanding of tools performance, scalability, and maintainability
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Service-oriented attitude with an eye for efficiency and workflow
  • Advanced understanding of the game development process and pipeline for creating content
  • Commitment to code quality, documentation, and testing
  • User interface design experience
  • Experience in C# and Python
  • Knowledge of Jenkins
  • Experience with a breadth of technologies such as source control systems, project generation tools, build servers, network protocols, UI frameworks, compilers and linkers, cloud services, and distributed systems
  • Experience with database technologies - SQL, NoSQL, database design, schema design
  • Strong debugging skills
  • Computer science or related degree
  • Passion for Blizzard games and belief in Blizzard's Core Values

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