Shade Guide Assembler

  • Company: Adecco
  • Location: York, Pennsylvania
  • Posted: February 03, 2017
  • Reference ID: 1027246905
¿ Builds and assemble shade guides by selecting appropriate tooth (noting the specific commodity),
¿ Inspecting for the obvious defects and/or imperfections, performing minor repairs, e.g. trims flash, etc.
¿ Matches tooth shade to tooth blades by reading the inscribed shade designation, attaching the tooth to the blade.
¿ Inserting blade in to nest or shade guide press, placing tooth into nest, Insert retainer ring and activating press with hands (one hand or both depending upon the shade guide to complete the assembly).
¿ Inserts completed blade into shade guide holder per commodity requirements.
¿ Packages completed shade guide with appropriate materials; ¿appropriate materials¿
¿ May include foam packaging materials, direction for use (DFU¿s) product descriptions, etc.
¿ Assembles Mold Guides use by customers to identify tooth shapes and sizes.
¿ Obtains plastic mold guides case, inserts cardboard on each side of case, places sheet of black wax unto the cardboard and layers panel on each side.
¿ Secures panel by stapling to the mold guide using power stapler.
¿ Then implants teeth into appropriate mold guide panel slot by hand using the carding technique.
¿ Occasionally picks up or receives trimmer blocks from Tooth Production department (3124).
¿ Sorts teeth from trimmer block.
¿ Enters trimmer block information via key pad into the BPCS system.
¿ Inspect for obvious imperfections before placing into matching stock box.
¿ Perform any additional task as assigned by Supervisor or the Unit Leader.
¿ Additional tasks may include housekeeping (sweeping, cleaning equipment, etc.).
¿ Equipment used for housekeeping includes brooms, vacuum cleaners, and rags, cleaning supplies, etc.
¿ Review/update departmental procedures (S.O.P) periodically as directed by Supervisor and/or Unit Leader.
¿ Maintain skills via department training. Records and maintain accurate training records.
¿ Participates and contributes to projects when assigned to meet department goals and objectives including completing A-3 continuous improvement suggestions and safety reports (e.g. ¿near miss¿ cards).
¿ May be assigned to work in other production departments to assist when necessary
¿ Other Duties may be assigned
¿ Must have the ability to work overtime and weekend shifts assigned

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