SNR CNC Machinist

  • Company: Adecco
  • Posted: January 06, 2017
  • Reference ID: 1954944593
1. Demonstrates advanced proficiency in:
¿ the operation of manual and CNC machining equipment
¿ the ability to read and interpret mechanical drawings, including GD&T
¿ the ability to use all manner of inspection equipment (e.g., micrometers, non-contact optical/laser equipment, etc.)
¿ the ability to write and verify CNC programs, and make offsets when needed
¿ the ability to use Design software and create Manufacturing drawings
¿ the ability to setup production runs, make changeovers and adjustments, and produce a First Article
¿ the ability to choose tool holders, machine tooling, fixtures and other accessories needed to manufacture a product to specification
¿ the ability to adjust the speed and feed rate of machines based on the raw material characteristics

2. Writes CNC machine programs and performs machine setup for production runs before turning machine over to lower-level Manufacturing personnel.

3. Performs direct labor operations, after machine setup and FAI approval, on all products manufactured on InnoVision¿s CNC and Manual machining equipment, when needed.

4. Maintains control of production run by constant surveillance of dimensions and tolerances, surface finish, and tool wear through in-process inspection.

5. Completes routine documentation of production records and in-process inspection results and is able to review product documentation to verify acceptability.

6. Maintains control and conformance of fixtures, inspection gauges and tooling used during the production run and returns all to
the appropriate storage areas at the end of the production run.

7. Follows all QMS policies and procedures to ensure quality system compliance while meeting established deadlines and objectives.

8. Maintains a close relationship with the Manufacturing Supervisor regarding daily job status, problems, machine performance, and quality trends.

9. Performs weekly machine maintenance in accordance with the Maintenance Lockout Procedure and assists the Maintenance Technician in the completion of any additional maintenance or repairs, as requested.

10. Keeps work areas neat and orderly in accordance with the Good Housekeeping Procedure.

11. Assists with the training of Production Operators, Machinists and CNC Machinists, when assigned.

12. Performs other duties as assigned.

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