Software Engineer

We are looking for Software Engineers with back-end web application and systems-level experience to join our Fabric Development team in Dallas, TX. We seek individuals who innovate & share our passion for winning in the cloud marketplace. The Fabric Development team is a team dedicated to ensuring that the IBM Cloud is at the forefront of cloud technology, from API design to application architecture to flexible infrastructure services. We are running IBM's current generation cloud platform to deliver performance and predictability for our customers' most demanding workloads, at global scale and with leadership efficiency, resiliency and security. It is an exciting time, and as a team we are driven by this incredible opportunity to thrill our clients.

• Design and develop innovative, company impacting products and services to support infrastructure operations
• Design, develop and implement object oriented PHP applications from prototype through implementation
• Integrate open source and commercial enterprise applications into an exposed API and web-based portal
• Create highly scalable and performant REST/SOAP web services
• Work closely with product management and stakeholders to ensure applications meet needs and expectations



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