Software Engineer, Core Artificial Intelligence

This position will report to one our Research Labs in either Cambridge, Massachusetts or Yorktown Heights, New York.

Have you read about our recent announcement on the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab?  Are you interested in shaping the future of AI?  The MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab is one of the largest long-term university industry AI collaborations to date.  Our Lab is a place where scientists, professors, and students collaborate to drive the frontiers of AI.  If you're interested in working with some of the world's most talented researchers to advance AI, we may have an opportunity for you!

We're looking for software engineers who are passionate about AI, advancing science, and building the next generation of intelligent machines.  Our ambitious AI research agenda is both broad and deep, with leading edge projects in machine learning, deep reinforcement learning, brain-inspired algorithms, learning with memories, knowledge representation and reasoning, symbolic and trainable logic, causal inference, knowledge induction, computer vision, NLP, question answering, and quantum and neuromorphic architectures for next generation AI.
As a Software Engineer in IBM Research, you will work on the most cutting-edge, exciting projects and you will help to design and implement state of the art AI systems that will impact the world. You will interact with the brightest minds in AI and will help bring AI research ideas into scalable, robust systems. We want to bring out the best in you and expect you to do the same to us.  Your proactive approach to creative problem solving will be essential to the success of our team and the company.

This position will report to either Yorktown Heights, New York or Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • Identify and refine project requirements, solutions to potentially abstract AI challenges, and well-defined performance metrics
  • Design and develop software as scalable architectures, components, API's and systems
  • Translate project requirements into executable roadmaps for creating and measuring technical capability
  • Work in high intensity, joint teams of software engineers and research scientists
  • Apply expert software engineering skills to design and build cutting edge AI systems.

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