Software Engineer (R1008015)

  • Company: IQVIA
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Posted: December 01, 2017
  • Reference ID: R1008015
Job Description

Software Engineer -

Are you looking to work in a place that has a startup culture with stability? Are you currently at a startup but wonder if your next paycheck will bounce? If your answer is yes, consider Software Engineering roles with IQVIA

We are located right on the Seattle waterfront. Our development teams work in a truly collaborative fashion, so come indulge in our office perks, loose culture and enjoy some work life balance. We enjoy solving hard problems that make our customers lives easier.

Job Overview

The Marketing product drives measurable marketing results by changing the way customer information is managed. It is used by some of the world's leading healthcare and life-science organizations and is regarded as one of the most innovative cloud-based relationship marketing solutions available. We have a significant existing customer-base that continues to grow and has opened up new opportunities.

In this role you have to be passionate about solving real problems and excited about using the latest technologies. This might include using an exotic data store to analyze "big data" segments, or utilizing a bleeding edge browser technology to offer an exceptional user experience.

Skills and Experience

We are looking for people that have a strong base in the fundamentals of coding and solving technical problems. We don't need candidates to have all these experiences and skills but we share these to give you an idea about what we need as fundamentals.
  • Three to Five years or more years of development experience;
  • Bachelor's Degree in a technical discipline or related field, or combination of education and relevant experience.
  • Full-stack experience building web applications that run at scale supporting a large user-base and gigabyte-scale data sets using a modern language/framework (C#, Python, Ruby, Lisp, Scala, Java, Haskell, ML, PHP) and modern Web technologies (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, AJAX).
  • Experience with relational database technology (e.g. MySQL, Postgres), preferably at a scale of 100MM rows or more.
  • Desire to work in an open, loose culture and with fluid, sometimes ambiguous environment - our teams are still start-ups at heart.
  • Strong passion for getting things done, solving real problems, and learning new things.

A Glimpse into the Team

The Squad is chartered to build and operationalize the core UI, service integration points and several key features for our flagship product. As the development leader you will help spearhead our transition to the next level of scale with a particular focus on decoupled components and finer-grained services.

These are some examples of new technologies that we use to solve real world problems. These are not prerequisites. UI layer: Google Closure, React/Flux, Javascript, CSS/Sass, HTML5, AJAX.
  • Data, messaging and visualization: MySql, Redis, Redshift, RabbitMQ, Tableau, DynamoDB.
  • Frameworks: ASP.Net (4.5/vNext), Mono.
  • Languages and paradigms: functionally-oriented C# (e.g. Linq, Rx, lambdas, immutability) and Python; decoupled design (e.g. dependency injection) with a strong focus on testing and testability.
  • Test and CI: TeamCity, nUnit, Selenium.
  • Packaging and provisioning tools: NuGet, Docker, Vagrant and SaltStack.
  • AWS Experience a plus

**Seeking US Citizen or current Green Card holder


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