Specialty Funding Analyst

  • Company: Capital One
  • Posted: January 24, 2017
  • Reference ID: R18154
Plano 6 (31066), United States of America, Plano, Texas

Specialty Funding Analyst

Our associates are changing the world!  They’re kind of a big deal.  You have to be a dreamer to work in our department.  Our standards are pretty high, so before we swipe right, we have to make sure you’re the right person for us. 

To fit in, you have to be jazzed about delivering amazing experiences that make life easier, fun and more rewarding for our customers.


- You have to learn about our process and policies.  How else would you assist and educate customers?  (Don’t worry… we have an extensive training program).

- You’ll promote solutions that help our sales teams buy risk free deals.  Maybe it’s the black and blue dress or the white and gold dress.  Either way, we’re here to offer solutions.

- Listen.  Not only for this job, but in life, listening is a beneficial trait to apply.

- Don’t be a knucklehead.  We’re a department who likes people, inside and outside of the organization. People are the heart of what we do.

- Be a team player, be encouraging, motivate your peers.  Being able to play nice in the sand box is key.

- Oh, and answer the phone.  It’s sort of the first rule of the club.

Things that might tip us off you’re not the right person for this position: 

- You enjoy long hold times

- You miss floppy disks

- Slot machines and scratch offs are the only true money-makers

- Asking questions gives you nightmares about a comic book villain

- You think the only strategy to win is by owning Park Place and Boardwalk (Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200)

- Hiding money in your mattress is the only way to invest

- Thinking about interpersonal conversations gives you hives

- Your personal philosophy about life handing you lemons ends with a fruit massacre

If you’re grinning uncontrollably and like what you’re reading, let’s talk.  Send us your information and let’s see what you have.

Basic Qualifications:
- High School Diploma, GED or equivalent certification or military experience

Preferred Qualifications:
- College Degree
- 1 year of Dealer Funding experience
- 1 year of Direct Call Center experience
- Fluent in Spanish

At this time, Capital One will not sponsor a new applicant for employment authorization for this position.

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