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Starting in 1909 as a 26-bed facility in the Roanoke Valley, LewisGale has been dedicated to caring for and preserving life for more than a century. Today, our health system has grown to include four hospitals, two cancer centers, six outpatient centers, and 700 affiliated physicians. Our expansive network stretches from the Alleghany Highlands and Rockbridge County to the Roanoke and New River Valleys, giving us the privilege to serve more than 250,000 patients each year.

Our Mission and Vision at LewisGale above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. The vision of LewisGale is to be recognized as the healthcare provider and the employer of choice in Southwest Virginia.

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Required - None
Preferred - Previous experience in an acute care or rehab hospital.


Required - Master Degree in Speech Language Pathology. Possession of a valid Virginia license to practice Speech Language Pathology. CPR certification within the 90 days of employment.
Preferred - Advanced training in a specialty area related to specific patient populations.

These elements are different for each position in the hospital. For each specific element, performance standards will be developed or updated at the beginning of the evaluation cycle, as needed. Performance is evaluated by comparing actual performance and the performance standards.

SPECIFIC ELEMENTS (JOB DESCRIPTION) - Describes actual duties performed by the employee.

1. Evaluates patients according to physician referral.

STANDARD: Evaluates patients in a concise fashion in light of physician referral and patient history using clinical examination skills to determine objective findings. Assesses subjective and objective findings to develop plan of treatment with long and short term goals and reassesses patient regularly.

EXCEED STANDARDS: Demonstrates consistent ability to evaluate a wide range of diagnosis of patients throughout the division. Consistently volunteers to evaluate unexpected referrals received at less than convenient times.

2. Treats patients according to plan using conventional treatment methods.

STANDARD: Follows treatment plan focusing on return to function. Applies oxygen per physician's order. Demonstrates efficiency and proficiency in utilizing standard treatment methods.

EXCEED STANDARDS: Consistently demonstrates creative and innovative treatment techniques based on available resources while maintaining efficiency.

3. Completes and distributes all patient documentation.

STANDARD: Prepares chart documentation in accordance with department standards including: evaluation, daily and or weekly notes, FIM's reports and discharge notes within the correct time frame. Prepares outpatient chart documentation including: evaluation, written daily notes, progress notes to physicians, exercise programs and dictated discharge notes. Documentation is timely, complete, professional and concise.

EXCEED STANDARDS: Out patient paperwork completed on same day as patient visit. Is proficient in documentation requirements in all rehab division settings.

4. Initiates and documents patient teaching including family and/or significant others. Uses appropriate Patient Education documentation.

STANDARD: Reviews evaluation findings and treatments with patient/family prior to starting. Explains possible reactions and/or physiological changes. Consistently assesses patient/family understanding; answers questions and provides pertinent written material. Documents teaching per department policy.
EXCEED STANDARDS: Makes positive suggestions for patient education improvements. Assists in developing teaching materials appropriate to department/unit functions.
5. Communicates effectively with other health care professionals.

STANDARD: Communication skills exhibit a sharing of information in a professional, tactful, and timely manner between peers, and other health care professionals. Demonstrates understanding and responds to the other parties' needs and concerns.

, we believe our success is dependent on a Healthy Work Environment where caregivers, staff, administrators, physicians and volunteers are at the core of a patients-first culture. At the heart of everything we do is applying the same compassion and commitment we have for our patients to our co-workers and colleagues. We work hard to create a place where employees feel empowered to provide the best care possible and experience a rewarding career.

Our commitment to a Healthy Work Environment includes a focus on five key areas - Culture, Leadership, Voice, Compensation/Rewards and Staffing. We know if we do well in each of these areas, our employees will be able to provide the safest, highest-quality and most compassionate service to our patients.

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