Sr. Software Developer - using Docker containers

Sr. Software Developer - using Docker containers
Job Description
Develops software as the primary job function Designs, develops, debugs & tests complex software in any field e.g., systems software, software development tools, applications, drivers, numerical methods, UI's, web. May work directly with companies developing and optimizing compilers, operating systems, and other software technologies. Usually holds an academic degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Computational Science.


Required:-3 years developing REST-based services on Linux-2 years developing using TDD Test-Driven Development-1 years working on AWS or similar IaaS, including expertise with: o AWS infrastructure networking, compute, and storage primitives o AWS SDK and CLI tooling o User-level understanding of IAM users, credentials, roles, groups, and policies-JavaScript/NodeJS, Go, Java, C Go preferred-Experience designing, developing, and providing operational support for distributed systems software in a microservice-style infrastructure-Experience using Docker and Linux containers in: Development environments, build pipelines, test and integration scenarios, and production environments-System Design Skills, including: o API design and implementation knowledge: o Can compare and contrast REST vs RPC style service API patterns o Familiarity with at least one major HTTP framework or library for one of the mentioned high level languages o Functional distributed systems knowledge o Firm of the CAP theorem and its implications for system design o Able to speak to the appropriate use of queues, and pub/sub topics o Can describe - in detail - strategies for providing resiliency in a service oriented architecture o Can describe failure modes for software in a distributed system or microservice architecture o Can speak to the issues that arise from the use of clocks o Can speak to the issues surrounding atomicity, and linearizability in a distributed system o Can speak to the appropriate application of a semaphore and mutex o Can speak to the appropriate application of transactions and fencing o Able to apply idempotency and immutability appropriately and understand implementation challenges-Participated in the design, implementation, release, and operational support of at least one software product or major feature set o A successful applicant should be able to describe that work in detail-Solid knowledge of software security best practices TLS, mTLS, JWT o Can speak to the application of: -modern cryptography algorithms -secure communications protocols -key exchange algorithms -secret management -authentication and authorization in a distributed environment-Experience working with agile software development and being a member of a SCRUM team-Detailed knowledge of the HTTP protocol and its related peersHighly Desired:-Source code management with Git and GitHub work flows-Networking knowledge: o Understanding of the OSI model o Functional knowledge of layer 4 and above networking technologies o Detailed knowledge of the HTTP protocol and its related peers-Experience with the Go programming language.-Experience with Git and GitHub-Deep understanding of 12 Factor applications
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