Sr. Thermal Process Engineer / Scientist

  • Company: PepsiCo
  • Posted: July 07, 2016
  • Reference ID: 97865BR
  • Responsible for ensuring the thermal and/or non-thermal processing systems for the commercial sterility of PepsiCo Foods and Beverages in the PAF (PepsiCo Americas Foods) region. Responsible for the leadership, management, and development of the TPA role within the region
  • Implement PepsiCo Global Policy on the requirements for validation of all processes which have the potential to inactivate vegetative pathogens by thermal or non-thermal methods.
  • Evaluate novel technology development for compliance with PepsiCo Food Safety standards and conduct validation trials on new equipment, new technologies, new installations and new product launches.
  • Provide protocols, tools, and training for regional assessment of all existing thermal and non-thermal processes. Ensure compliance with PepsiCo global Standards.
  • Validate, verify, or establish critical control criteria where applicable
  • Validate the capabilities and boundaries of PepsiCo processes so we can appropriately mitigate any potential food safety opportunities
  • Support other PAF Regional Thermal Process Authorities to provide Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Control & Validation requirements to ensure safe stable, and legal production of Beverages and Foods,
  • Support ongoing quality auditing function for these products.
  • Maintain regulatory compliance policies worldwide
  • Develop and support knowledge transfer and employee capability programs for Thermal and Non-thermal processing and food safety programs.
  • Take a broad leadership role in the implementation and maintenance of thermal and non-thermal process and the validation thereof for the PAF region.. This may require the individual to execute work beyond the scope of their individual technical function in order to assess the feasibility and soundness of proposed approaches, techniques, and/or equipment design.
  • Provide leadership and contribute as a technical SME to the PAF Intermediate & High Moisture group.
  • Facilitate the transition to a common thermal process and operational standard across all PepsiCo facilities.
  • Participate in the development of the direction of standardized thermal and non-thermal systems for PepsiCo and collaboration to harmonize all such systems.
  • Manage and develop other TPAs in PAF sector. Develop Regional TPA capabilities to deliver PAF strategic Plan.


  • Masters or PhD degree in Microbiology, Food Science, Engineering, or other related technical field with a minimum of 7 years of direct experience in Thermal and non-thermal Processing. Master's or PhD in Engineering, Food Science, or Microbiology preferred.
  • Must have an understanding of the following; thermal bacteriology, Low acid, low moisture products and associated regulated foods including aseptics, process calculations and lethality determination, validation protocols, data collection and complex lethality calculations.
  • Individual will have experience in the development or manufacturing of a variety of processing platforms such as; dairy, juices, preserved beverages, baking, HPP, irradiation, e-beam, UV, etc. and/or protein based beverage or food products.
  • Demonstrated ability to identify technical gaps in application of above technologies as it pertains to commercial sterility of the product, identify and lead statistically sound bio-validation research to mitigate such gaps by leveraging internal partners or external organizations
  • Individual will need to understand business strategies, culture and work necessary to achieve results.
  • Persevere in times of crisis and handle adverse circumstances effectively. Assist people through change and transformation effectively.
  • Capable of influencing people regarding quality systems.
  • A team oriented person with skills that effectively bring people and issues to decisive resolution. Achieve results consistently despite obstacles.
  • Monitor progress against goals, identify issues and takes corrective action early.
  • Manages related functional activities to ensure the alignment of team priorities with broader organizational initiatives, and works to set culture and tone for their area. Must be innovative, detail oriented, self directed and have good problem solving skills. Acts as a peer coach to junior scientists and other non-technical associates.

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