Staff Data Scientist
Durham , North Carolina
January 17, 2017
Data Scientist is a role for quantitatively adept people with accompanying business skills. A solid foundation typically in statistics, modeling, operations research, computer science and applications, and math. What sets the data scientist apart is strong business acumen, coupled with the ability to communicate findings to both business and IT leaders in a way that can influence how an organization approaches a business challenge. Good data scientists will not just address business problems, they will pick the right problems that have the most value to the organization. A data scientist is effective at deploying an analytics solution, thereby realizing business value.Whereas a traditional data analyst may look only at data from a single source - a CRM system, for example - a data scientist will most likely explore and examine data from multiple disparate sources. The data scientist will extract, transform, and combine all incoming data with the goal of discovering a previously hidden insight, which in turn can provide a competitive advantage or address a pressing business problem. A data scientist does not simply collect and report on data, but also builds statistical models, determines what it means, then recommends ways to apply the data.  Data scientists are inquisitive: exploring, asking questions, doing what if analysis, questioning existing assumptions and processes. Armed with data, modeling expertise, and analytical results, a top-tier data scientist will then communicate informed conclusions and recommendations across an organization's leadership structure.

Key responsibilities:
  • Explore and examine data from multiple, disparate data sources. 
  • Sift through all incoming data with the objective of discovering previously hidden insights which will improve the Devops process for greater speed with control. 
  • Make recommendations on how to optimize user experience, Devops and improved code quality.
Qualified candidates will work with leading edge analytics team to define the next generation of metrics for code development.
Candidates will work closely with University and research to define new measurements and data for improvement of Devops

A little about us:
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