*Utility Worker

  • Company: Arconic
  • Location: La Porte, Indiana
  • Posted: May 18, 2017
  • Reference ID: J3K22L5WR7YWMY40V00
Job Summary
Work as a team member to maintain a steady flow of molds through the plant and produce good quality castings.
Essential Functions
  • Lifting
  • Standing
  • Use varies measuring devises
  • Use the computer for lot tracing
  • Able to operate a Walk Behind
  • Must be able to read and interpret Product Criteria (PC) and Activity Instructions (AI).
  • Must be able to function as a member of a team and be able to work under general supervision.
  • Must be able to work and function in a fast-paced environment.
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Must be able to maintain expected quality levels.
Job Responsibilities
Job responsibilities and duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:
A fulltime Utility Worker A will be able to proficiently perform a minimum of 3 of the following:
Dewaxing Molds
  • Retrieve molds form wind tunnel and log dates on serialized/non-serialized sheet in dry room when molds are ready for dewax
  • Load molds into vacuum chamber
  • Drop nuggets, vent molds, steam dewax molds, push and pull molds from stoich oven and maintain proper accurate paperwork.
  • Inspect vacuum pump and steam dewax units on a daily basis
  • Place molds on wire trucks
Cutting Alloy
  • Weight identify and properly locate alloy into the alloy bins
  • Maintain proper alloy ticket rundown for each oven
  • Pull alloy tickets for cutting alloy and retrieve alloy needed for specific jobs
  • Cut alloy to proper weight, chamfer alloy on both ends, knock out dust and weld hooks or two piece charges as needed
  • Load alloy for shipment to HLC
  • Maintain equipment as needed for daily use, including changing belts and blades
  • Maintain proper and accurate paperwork
  • To hold valid Fork Truck license and be able to perform position of Alloy Cutter
Material Cutter
  • Make a list of molds coming off of dewax return rail including job number and quantity.
  • Locate mold wrap instructions in file cabinet
  • Cut materials to proper size
  • Place cut material with instructions on wire shelving for mold wrappers to retrieve
  • Work with engineers on new wrap instructions
  • Maintain proper and accurate paperwork
Mold Wrappers
  • Retrieve molds from mold inspector or mold wrap staging area
  • Locate proper wrap instructions and cut material from cut area
  • Mix mud
  • Follow instructions to wrap molds and after wrapping, place molds in preheat staging area
  • Work with engineers on new/improved wrap instructions
  • Maintain proper and accurate paperwork
Oven Pushers
  • Locate molds going into ovens
  • Check for proper job numbers, lot numbers and mold quantity
  • Cross check mold serial number with lot trace sheets and/or process routers
  • Place molds on oven tray per load instruction
  • Push mold into oven when red light comes on and enter lot trace sheets into the systems
  • Maintain proper and accurate paperwork
Chamber Loaders
  • Probe ovens for proper temperature
  • Remove molds from oven and place into vacuum chamber
  • Remove molds from vacuum chamber after cast and apply post cast cooling agent
  • Set-up lower casting unit for each job as needed

**Employees are expected to work overtime as needed.
**This position will perform other duties as required.
These job responsibilities reflects the general details of the specific job identified and is not necessarily a complete listing of all the work requirements that may be involved in the job.

Skills and Abilities:
Ability to read PCs and AIs; Computer Knowledge
This position requires a minimum of three to six months of on the job training for satisfactory proficiency
Physical Demands:
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.
Employee is required to execute the following:
  • Occasional bending, reaching, pushing and pulling when retrieving and moving various items
  • Lifting intermittently of various items. Typically, assistance would be provided for weights exceeding 35 pounds
  • Good manual dexterity to operate computer equipment and precision measuring instruments
  • Position may require more than eight hours daily and more than five days weekly to complete work assignments
  • Squatting / crouching when retrieving stored items from lower shelves and file cabinets, making equipment / product inspections, etc
  • Standing approximately 90% of the time
  • Gripping
  • Clean work areas and maintain a clean work environment; perform 5S cleaning activities as required.
Equipment Used:
  • Hand Tools - Alloy cutting saw - Fork Truck
  • Hoists - Preheat Ovens - Steam Autoclave Welder
Work Environment:
The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. The duties of this position are performed throughout the entire floor space of HLC. Duties are performed primarily in manufacturing areas where compliance with applicable safety rules is required.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee will be required to work near moving mechanical parts and exposed to fumes or airborne particles and extreme heat. The noise level is moderate. The employee may be exposed to Kaowool , extreme heat, and fumes.

EHS Requirements:
  • Expected to assist in the implementation of EHS Values and policy statements and accompanying principals.
  • Comply with all department, facility, corporate and regulatory EHS regulations.
  • Wear all required personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Report all job related illness and injuries (Per Employee Handbook).
  • Report all safety, health and environmental concerns to your supervisor in a timely manner.
  • Attend all EHS training.

Quality Statement:
The products we manufacture are used in important industries - transporting goods and people; the defense of our country; critical energy infrastructure for hospitals and public safety. Livelihoods and lives depend upon the products we manufacture.

What we do as an organization is important and the first, and best, "line of defense" against non-conforming products escaping to our customers is you. A simple message: don't take it, don't make it, and don't pass it

Basic Qualifications

High School Diploma or GED equivalency is required

WorkKeys testing is REQUIRED to be considered for any hourly production position with Arconic La Porte. Candidates must achieve a Silver Certificate or higher to be considered. The tests can be scheduled and taken at any WorkOne location.

Required testing:
  • Reading for Information - Score of 4 or higher
  • Applied Mathematics - Score of 4 or higher
  • Locating Information - Score of 4 or higher

Preferred Qualifications

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