Strategic Industry Advisor - Retail and Hospitality

  • Company: Workday
  • Location: Pleasanton, California
  • Posted: November 14, 2017
  • Reference ID: JR-22979
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Job Description
While everyone on Team Workday contributes to our collective success, we acknowledge people and positions that play a truly pivotal role in the success of mission-critical projects. We have all worked with them and they are the "go-to" talent who create the conditions for extraordinary results - - they are the people our account executives seek out to stand far above our competitors. These deeply skilled people are Workday's "ACE in the hole" called upon to bring deep insights that instill confidence in prospects that we understand their unique business challenges and that our solution will improve the way their business / function operates.

As a Strategic Industry Advisor you will work with colleagues from across the company to deliver results in mission-critical areas:
1. Segment Thought Leader: Applies experience, relationship and learning to be a recognized thought-leader in the segment (industry, role etc.)
• Has breadth and depth of experience in the segment as a practitioner or industry/line-of-business analyst
• Articulates view on challenge, proposes solutions, articulates why in a way that wide audience can understand
• Consistently researches and maintains awareness of segment trends and news
• Has distinguished themselves in the segment's field for their innovation, expertise or operational execution

• Is a "go to" person for segment expertise / thought-leader perspective (every time you talk to them you feel a little smarter)
• Sought after for their opinions and perspectives in the marketplace by professional in the segment
• Gives of their time and expertise generously to improve segment knowledge across Workday
2. Account Plan Enablement: Apply segment insights to help the account executive and sales team position and execute the sales plan in a way that improves win ratio and margin
• Applies segment / value chain insights to identify the key stakeholders and buyer value to reduce time to deal
• Helps insert segment-based insights into key sales activities (i.e. crafting win themes)
• Identifies opportunities and recommends steps in the sales process that differentiated Workday as providing segment-specific solutions
• Strategically participates in sales activities and prospect events
3. Go to Market Segment Strategy: Create and apply a GTM Strategy that results in Workday being perceived as one of the top three industry leaders in that segment.
• Research and assess and clearly identifies the unique business value drivers/levers for the GTM Segment
• Create compelling value propositions that credibly demonstrate specially where and how Workday address the segment greatest needs better value than the competitors
• Crafts a practical but comprehensive Go To Market Strategy that delivers the value propositions through marketing messages and sales motions that improve market share
• Engages key stakeholders in the creation of the strategy to ensure the organization's commitment to execute the strategy.
• Completes plans and activities that ensure the organization is executing the strategy as designed.

4. Segment-based Messaging: Create and enable the organization to share compelling, high-impact communications, narratives and case studies that compel customers to see Workday as the superior product to address the segment's most important concerns
• Researches and collects customer-based stories that clearly demonstrate how Workday addresses high-value levers in the segments "value chain"
• Frames and crafts messages in relevant and easily digestible and memorable ways that become easy to repeat
• Enables sales teams to strategically insert and integrates messaging into the account plan in a way that progresses the sales process
• Is a compelling story-teller influencing professionals at all levels
• Coaches and enables others (account executives, prospects, account team) to strategically understand and tell the key stories
5. Network Builder: Identifies, influences and leads colleagues, customers and "segment" leaders to support market and prospect activities
• Identifies, influences and "recruits" credible and influential internal and external resources that can accelerate key marketing and account activities
• Strategically Identifies and connects a broad network of people to deliver critical objectives / results

6. Product Evangelist: strategically leverages marketing and prospect events to deliver clear and compelling communication at result in Workday being seen as the segment leader
• Applies industry and prospect insights to help account teams design and execute high-impact CVC visits that differentiate Workday's ability to address the segment's most important concerns
• Applies deep industry insights to confidently lead "peer-like" discussions with C-suite Executives and Segment Analysts
• Delivers high-energy, compelling and highly-memorable presentations at conferences, customers and prospect events

7+ years of experience in delivering and managing strategy-oriented customer engagements
Seniority for C-level communication, negotiation skills, business acumen
Excellent communication & presentation skills
Expert in global project/ program management, transformation management, business process management, IT strategy execution


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