Student FNP Clinical Rotation – Houston – Spring 2018
Houston , Texas
October 18, 2017
Job Description:

At Walgreens Healthcare Clinics, we want to see students' years of hard work rewarded with fulfilling careers that make the most of their talents. That's why we're connecting with those who know their potential better than anyone. We would like to offer students a unique healthcare experience while exposing them to state-of-the-art technology and an innovative healthcare model. We'll support students with seasoned professionals while giving them exposure to an autonomous healthcare setting. We will provide the mentorship and technology they need to make an impact with their education and experience. 

Preceptor/Clinical Rotation Program
Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are dedicated to educating the next generation of nurse practitioners. We understand that a key to revolutionizing healthcare delivery in the nation depends upon talented, forward thinking nurse practitioners. Our goal is to provide them with a high quality educational experience where they will enjoy being paired with a qualified preceptor. At the Walgreens Healthcare Clinics, our preceptors are hand-picked and certified to ensure that each student has the most enriching clinical rotation possible. By selecting the Walgreens Healthcare Clinics, students will receive individualized attention and educational support from a company known for: 

• Measuring quality through HEDIS scores 
• Providing outstanding evidence-based healthcare 
• Treating a variety of caseloads for a vast patient population, age 18 months to adult. 
• Advancing the role of Nurse Practitioners, and providing them with the tools and support to deliver an unparalleled patient experience. 

Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are proud to be a part of the Walgreens family of companies. Our network of health and wellness companies is committed to providing convenient, affordable, high-quality healthcare for families and employees, when they need it the most. Walgreens Healthcare Clinic is comprised of more than 420 Walgreens Healthcare Clinics within select Walgreens stores nationwide. Each of our clinics provides the local community easy, affordable access to high-quality healthcare for adults and children, 7-days per week. As students begin their careers as Family Nurse Practitioners, we invite them to take the first step toward a future filled with possibilities by choosing the Walgreens Healthcare Clinics for one of their clinical rotations.

A little about us:
The training you received, the discipline you embraced, and the responsibilities you held in the military will serve you well at Walgreens.

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